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AAU Energy

Introduction to Power Electronic Control, Reliability and System Optimization 

The group of Power Electronic Control, Reliability and System Optimization (PESYS) is pioneering in design, optimization and control of power electronics across a broad area of systems including electric vehicles, data centers, Power-to-X (PtX) units, microgirds and large-scale multi-energy systems, among many others.

The core research areas are as follows:

  • Modeling, control, and optimization of power electronic systems
  • Design tools for optimizing efficiency, reliability and stability of power electronic converters and systems
  • Control and diagnostics solutions for power electronic systems
  • Design-oriented analysis tools for reliably operating future integrated power electronic based power systems
  • Digital transformation of power electronic dominated grids
  • Emerging applications of power electronics in energy systems
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence-based power electronics optimization
  • Grid interconnection of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems
  • Operations Research and its applications to power electronic systems
  1. Mathematical modeling
  2. Linear and non-linear optimization
  3. Risk modeling and management
  4. Sensitivity analysis
  5. Model-based systems engineering
  6. System identification