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Introduction to Center for Research on Smart Battery

CROSBAT is at the forefront of revolutionizing battery management systems (BMS) for the future. As the demand for Li-Ion batteries surges, especially in the transportation electrification sector, there’s an anticipated demand of over 1 TWh by 2030. While significant strides have been made in energy density, cost, and performance, the challenge of a sustainable CO2 footprint remains, primarily due to unpredictable battery lifetimes and the extensive efforts required for manufacturing, second-life usage, and recycling. We propose a groundbreaking Smart Battery technology, aiming to addresses these challenges head-on. By equipping each cell in large packs with a bypass and integrating advanced AI algorithms, we ensure optimal temperature and state-of-charge balancing, thereby extending battery life. This innovation also facilitates fault-tolerant operation by permanently bypassing malfunctioning cells, a critical feature for sectors like air transportation. AI-driven approach offers unparalleled health and safety management, including early warnings for accelerated aging and potential thermal runaways. Designed as a retrofit solution, the Smart Battery BMS can be seamlessly integrated into conventional battery packs, enhancing their lifespan and reducing their environmental impact. By transforming batteries into modular building blocks, we simplify design processes, offering the flexibility of cell-level load management and software reconfiguration. Join us in shaping the future of sustainable battery technology.