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Introduction to Center for Research on Microgrids

Microgrids are considered one of the most promising solutions to integrate renewable distributed generation into the electric power system. In the last decade, microgrid technology has been in a research and development phase. Even though there are a number of microgrid pilot plants around the world, the state-of-the-art solutions are not still mature enough to guarantee high reliability and expandability. In the past, microgrids were appearing as simple and small isolated electrical grids in remote areas and their control has basically been dominated by conventional techniques and management systems, while major part of them validated in a two or three-unit systems, often faraway from real-world power grids.

The urgency of the research proposed is arriving now since microgrids are becoming relatively large and complex interconnected systems with interactions between different technologies like power electronics, control systems, and communications, providing reliable energy support to the end-users, while taking into account efficiency and high rates of renewable energy penetration. On the other hand, the proposed research carries on high-risk by conjecturing that it is possible to support an unprecedented number of microgrids interconnected forming clusters, with high reliability levels due to the reduction of communications dependency.

Mission and vision

CROM vision is to develop a research-oriented frameworks for design, analyse and assess multiple Microgrids with unprecedented levels of scalability and expandability, giving as a result highly efficient and resilient grids.

Focus areas and challenges

  • Low and medium voltage microgrids
  • Microgrids in emergent countries and communities 
  • Electrification of rural areas 
  • Energy sharing: Renewable-energy-focused neighborhoods 
  • Maritime microgrids for shipboards and seaports 
  • Protection and communication systems for microgrid clusters
  • Multi-agent systems for microgrids and microgrid clusters
  • Bio-inspired microgrids
  • Advanced metering infrastructures 
  • Smart homes (automation, energy optimization, and security)
  • Blockchain approaches for energy trading applications 
  • Energy management systems and SCADA systems 
  • LVDC distribution architectures for residential applications 
  • Hybrid energy storage systems for islanded grids
In CROM, we are aligned with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals
Welcome to our Center for Research on Microgrids - CROM

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