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AAU Energy

Introduction to Bioenergy & Bioproducts 

Starting from chemical characterization of the biomass or organic waste using analytical techniques such as HPLC and GC the aim is to:

  1. Convert a given biomass from the society (for example algae and municipal solid waste) into fermentable sugars by physical/chemical/enzymatic/biological processes
  2. Convert the produced sugars into biofuels and/or biochemcials by microbial fermentation with the lowest possible energy penalty, and finally
  3. Design processes for easy and feasible downstream processing.

Furthermore, we are working on extracting and identifying high value products e.g. pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals for co-production of bioenergy and biochemical to enhance the economic feasibility of bioenergy processes.

The different solutions are evaluated for their sustainability of the technological innovations in future societies for this we are using modeling tools such as Super Pro Designer.