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AAU Energy

Education within Wind Power Systems

Wind power research group supports the following courses:

PhD courses

  • Introduction to wind power
  • Introduction to stability of electric power systems
  • New energy technologies and systems

Master courses

  • Wind power system and renewable energy grid integration (9th Semester)

Master proposals

  • Evaluation of large-disturbance voltage stability in power systems with high penetration of renewable energy sources
  • Advanced control strategy of wind power converter applied in high-power wind turbine
  • Resonance analysis and mitigation method of offshore wind farm with transmission cable
  • Faults between AC and DC lines
  • Optimization of droop control methods for reactive power management in LV grid with large scare of PVs.
  • Advanced inertia emulation method of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG)-based wind turbine
  • Flexible fractional frequency transmission system for offshore wind power generation system
  • Grid-friendly metro traction power system considering active regenerative braking

Bachelor proposal

Digital DC motor control with Texas instruments C2000 DSCs