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Education within Photovoltaic Systems

The purpose of photovoltaic systems research programme is to conduct leading edge research and provide education in the field of solar PV energy, including the generation, power conversion, and integration with the electrical grid, energy storage and smart energy systems. The members of the research programme disseminate their research by organizing PhD/industrial courses and tutorials. Furthermore the research program members are also active in teaching and supervising bachelor and master students.

The primary focus of this programme is on Photovoltaic Systems. Research activities include

  • Electrical characterisation and fault detection in PV panels and arrays
  • Electroluminescence and infrared thermography - based diagnostics
  • Control and topologies of PV inverters
  • Grid integration of PV power
  • PV and energy storage integration

The programme also engages in education activities at both MSc and PhD level. The research programme offers high quality PV panel test and characterisation services for the industry.

Examples of research topics

Condition monitoring and automatic diagnostics for photovoltaic plants
High sensitivity fault detection and identification in PV panels in laboratory and field environment
Distributed control of module integrated converters (dc modules)
PV inverter control
Reliability issues of PV inverters and control for reliability
PV power integration in the low voltage distribution grid
Grid integration of large PV power plants