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AAU Energy

Introduction to Offshore Process Control and Cybernetics (OPCC)

The OPCC Research Group dedicates to research and development of Smart Process Control and Monitoring (Smart-PCM) solutions under the Industry 4.0 framework. Besides utilizing conventional process control and monitoring technologies, The Smart-PCM solutions also integrate many emerging methods, such as big data, AI, machine learning, digitalization and cloud computing, into an innovative PCM framework, which we name as PCM 4.0 framework.

Our application focuses covers from primarily offshore energy systems to any kind of modern process systems. For example, in the past decade, we had been working on innovative monitoring and control of the industrial produced water treatment processes, with the objective to help the offshore operators to minimize the marine pollution due to the discharge of the produced water into the oceans. Now we are more focusing on process systems and their challenges in the green and sustainable energy/environmental areas. Typical domains include bio-energy and sustainable fuel productions, energy islands, CCS and recycling of marine plastics, industrial or domestic wastewater treatments etc.