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Introduction to Power Electronics Packaging, Materials and Emerging Applications

The power electronics packaging, materials and emerging applications research group is focused on advancing the use of wide bandgap (WBG) power semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) to achieve more efficient and compact power electronic converter systems.

The material properties of the new WBG power semiconductors are advantageous when compared to traditional silicon (Si) technology. The WBG devices are capable of having lower on-state losses, higher voltage breakdown strength, faster switching characteristics and better thermal properties. However, these benefits can only be utilized if the semiconductors are packaged properly i.e. soldered to ceramic substrate, interconnected with bond wires, power terminals mounted with ultrasound welding and encapsulated in protective silicone gel for high voltage operation.

Secondly, the power semiconductors are utilized in more integrated packaging solutions, at which several packaging technologies are combined and more components are bundled together in single packages. In general this results in better performance, higher efficiency and compact designs. To ensure safe and robust operation, a large emphasis is put on multi-physics finite element method simulations to accurately predict the electromagnetic behaviour, transmission of heat and electric field distribution within the developed power modules.

After building and assembling the new designs at in-house packaging laboratory at Aalborg University, the prototypes are demonstrated in new emerging applications which benefit from either the high voltage operation, high frequency capability or increased compactness of the power electronics systems.

10 KV SIC MOSFET power modules manufactured in-house