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AAU Energy

Education within Power Electronics Packaging, Materials and Emerging Applications

The researchers of the group contribute to a wide range of courses, seminars, lectures and supervision across all semesters, however annually reoccuring the main contributions are

PhD level

  • Industrial/PhD course: Power module design, packaging and testing - 3 ECTS

Description: Power modules are the work-horses in car, wind, solar and drives applications. Power modules may be destroyed instantaneously however in applications lifetimes are expected to be 20 years. Strong and the same time fragile you need to understand the power modules to design them properly. This course bring you under the skin of power modules and introduces the multidisciplinary knowledge  needed to understand  packaging assembly processes, materials and layouts as well as failure mechanisms. From the application point of view lifetime monitoring and test methods are introduced

The course is conducted by physicists and engineers with experience from the university packaging laboratory building fex. 10kV SiC power modules and with experience of analyzing and testing industry standard power modules for higher powers.

The course  contains simulation and experimental exercises.

Date: The course has been cancelled in 2021 due to reconstruction and upgrade of the packaging lab

Bachelors level

5th semester: Power Electronics - 5 ECTS

  • Operation of power semiconductor components (pn-junction, Diodes, MOSFETs, gate drivers)
  • Modelling of DC-DC/AC-DC power converter systems (Buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback)
  • Simulation tools for power components and converters (LTSpice, Introduction of COMSOL and PLECS) 

Masters level

2nd semester: Advanced power electronics and applications - 5 ECTS

  • Magnetics scalability toward high power (Material properties)
  • High power devices (Emerging devices, packaging)
  • High-power converters (NPC, MMC, STATCOM)
  • High Power DC-DC converters (Soft-switching, practical aspects of design)