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AAU Energy

Education within Intelligent Energy Systems and Flexible Markets

Through creating an active learning enviroment, iGRIDS research group provides a cooperative learning space that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.

Selected Courses

  • Advanced Optimization Techniques for Energy Systems Planning and Operation (Industrial/PhD course)
  • Energy Markets and Analytics (Industrial/PhD course)
  • Dispersed Generation of Electricity (Industrial/PhD course)
  • Smart Distribution Systems (Industrial/PhD course)

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Ongoing PhD Projects 

Completed PhD Projects 

  • Analysis of Stability Issues and Enhanced Stabilization Techniques of DC Microgrids (Omid Lorzadeh)
  • Energy Management Systems for Smart Buildings (Viktor Stepaniuk)

Master Projects

  • EPSH3-1030 - Harnessing flexibility from electric boats and loads for optimal operation of PV-BESS systems in Samsø – Ballen, 2021 (Dawid Lukasz Józwiak)
  • EPSH4-1031 - Power Quality Impact of Distributed Energy Resources in Active Electrical Distribution Grids, 2021 (Abel Thomas & Jone Ugarte Valdivielso)
  • EPSH4-1032 - TSO-DSO cooperation: Active Distribution Grid Management for Activating Power System Flexibility,2021 (Albano Monga)
  • EPSH4-1036 - Advanced Power Oscillation Damping for a Wind Power Plant, 2021 (Asger Nickelsen)
  • EPSH3-1037 - Power System Protection for Electrical Networks aboard Maritime, 2021 (Mikkel Hingebjerg Hansen)
  • EPSH4-1038 - Technical and Economic Evaluation of a Community Based-Hybrid Power System, 2021 (Josip Mrcela)
  • EPSH4-1039 - Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles for Hosting Capacity Enhancement of Solar PV in Residential Grids, 2021 (Aleksander Tomasz Lebiedzinski)
  • WPS4-1050 - Black Start of an Offshore Wind Power Plant through an MMC based ES-STATCOM System, 2021 (Gustavo Matarazzo Zinoni)
  • WPS4-1051 - Energy Management for Household Prosumer, 2021 (Shraddha Shriram Maslekar & Levente Tamás Tóth)
  • EPSH4-1031 - Investigation of Grid-forming Power Converter Applied to Wind Turbines, 2020 (Nikolaj Stig Stoltenborg)
  • EPSH4-1032 - Hybrid Generation Solution for Mining Site, 2020 (Gustavo Andrés Castro &Pedro Zulaica Rey & Marta Irena Murkowska)
  • EPSH4-1039 - Economic Impact of Large Scale Hybrid Power Plants Participating in Multiple Energy Markets, 2020 (Sharan Satheesh)
  • PED4-1046 - Smart Energy Management for Household Prosumer, 2020 (Quang Trung Bui)
  • EPSH4-933 - Congestion management and voltage control in active distribution grids from demand response, 2019 (Gokula Krishnan Selvam)
  • EPSH4-934 - Power to Heat Systems in Active Electric Distribution Networks, 2019 (Panagiotis Damianos Cheilas)
  • EPSH4-1031 - Voltage Regulation in Active Distribution Grids Integrated with Solar Photovoltaics and Battery Storages, 2019 (Praveen Prakash Singh)
  • EPSH4-1034 - Capacity Firming of Wind Power Generation by Electric Thermal and Battery Energy Storages, 2019 (Sepideh Soleimanof & Okechukwu Stanislaus Iro)
  • EPSH4-1037 - Multiple Market Participation of Battery Storage Systems, 2019 (Gabriel Leite Araujo)
  • EPSH4-930 - Wind Farm Power Plant Controller, 2017 (Claudiu Ionita)
  • EPSH4-1033 - Integration of Large Capacity Renewable Energy Sources into Distribution Grid, 2017 (Rifat Celiloglu)
  • EPSH4-1050 - Power and energy management of a residential hybrid photovoltaic/wind system with battery storage, 2017 (Andreea Christiana & Zaharof)