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AAU Energy

Education within EMC/EMI In Power Electronics

The research group supports and serves as a network to introduce relevant EMC education activities and opportunities in order to further develop EMC knownledge.


  • EMI/EMC in Power Electronics (Industrial PhD Course, 2019-Present), Registration
  • EMI/EMC in Power Electronics (1st Semester Master Course, 2016 – Present)


  • Power Electronics Ready for New Grid Requirements, 2 and 3 Nov 2020, EMC Klubben, FORCE Technology.
  • Strategies in Protecting Future Power Grids from Rectifier’s Harmonic Emissions (0-150 kHz): Modelling, Prediction and Mitigation (ECPE Workshop on EMC in Power Electronics, 3 May – 4 May 2017)
  • EMC Design of Drive Systems [Modeling, Prediction and Mitigation of Grid-Side 0-150 kHz Harmonic Emissions] (Delta-Force EMC Klubben: EMC design, teori og praktik, 12-13 June 2017)
  • Rectification Harmonics in Motor Drives: Modeling and Control (Tutorial, IECON 2017)

PhD projects

  • Topology Optimization for High Efficiency Wide Band Gap Ground Power Unit (Alex Buus Nielsen)
  • Study of Spectral Characteristics of Low Frequency Conducted EMI in Smart Grid (Naser Nourani)
  • A Universal and Optimized Robust EV Charger (Bochen Liu)
  • Mission Profile based Efficiency and Reliability Improvement for AC-DC Converters (Zhengge Chen)
  • Improvement of Transient Power Sharing Performance in Parallel Converter Systems (Mohamed Al Hasheem)

Master projects

  • Design and Performance Analysis of a High-Power-Density PFC Converter (Estefania Ruiz Arenaza & Maria-Magdalena Boghiu)
  • Modelling and Analysis of EMI Generation in Powertrain of Electric Vehicles (Simon Thies)
  • Clean and Efficient Energy Conversion in Single-Phase PFC Converter for Drive Application (Himanshu Taunk)
  • Design and Optimization of EMI filter for Interleaved PFC Converter with Phase-Shedding Control (Mohamad Yamen)
  • EMI Performance Analysis of Single-Phase Multi-Cell WBG-Based AC/DC Converters (Sakaria Omar Ahmed)