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AAU Energy

Course in Laboratory Safety

The purpose of the safety course is to ensure that all personal working in the laboratory belonging to the Department of Energy Technology are aware of safety, and to prevent accidents.  Any student, guest or employee must attend the safety course before they are allowed to work in the laboratories at AAU.

The safety course will cover the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Safety
    • Why
    • ISO Graphical Symbols
    • Recognition of signs
  • Definition of Laboratory types and Workshops
    • Standard Laboratories
    • Specialised Laboratories
    • Student Workshop
    • Staff Workshop
    • Opening hours
  • Equipment
  • Fixed Installations
  • Safety Precautions
    • General Safety Precautions
    • Electrical Setups and Specialized Laboratories
    • Hydraulic and Mechanical Setups and Specialized Laboratories
    • Setups with Inflammable Fluids, Gasses and Electrochemical cells and specialized Laboratories
    • Setup with Laser Equipment
    • Work in Department Workshops
    • Work in Student Workshops
  • Accidents and Near-Accidents
  • Safety Organization
  • Workplace Permit