AAU Energy is proud to showcase an enhanced focus on innovation and commercialization. Below - some of our top researchers pitch their inventions in a video.

You can play the videos directly from below and it is possible to download a onepage PDF document with more details and contact information.

AIM-Toolbox: Automated impedance measurement toolbox for power system

Acoustic based Condition Monitoring of Power Semi-Conductors

Smart & Compact Supercooling of Power Electronics - TEMPERATURE VARIATIONS

E-Sense Power: Health monitoring of Semiconductors

TurbuGrid - improving air-cooled fuel cells

Flexible and Efficient Switched String Converter

Multi-Terminal HVDC

Active Capacitor Device

PN-Cell based Converters

Linear Magnetic Actuator


Special consultant

Lars Halkjær
Direct phone: +45 9940 7343
E-mail: lah@adm.aau.dk

academic officer

jens frede rasmussen
Direct phone: +45 9940 7189
E-mail: jfr@adm.aau.dk