Reliability of Power Electronic Components - AAU Energy research group


Efficiency and reliability are of utmost importance in the entire energy conversion chain and power electronic components, both semiconductors and passives, are the key technology of it. The Reliability of Power Electronic Components (REPEC) research group is active on modeling and testing of modern power electronic components enabling the green transition.

Current group activities are:

  • Power cycling testing of semiconductor components

  • Semiconductor characterization

  • Modeling of components under normal and abnormal operations

  • Passive components: modeling, characterization, and testing

  • New-generation power devices like cascode GaN and gallium oxide (GaO)

  • High-efficiency, low-pressure-drop, and compact cooling systems co-design for new-generation power conversion, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy systems

We look both at scientific advances in the field as well as new collaboration with companies interested in present and new technologies with respect to efficiency and reliability.