Modern Power Transmission Grids - AAU Energy research group


The research group conducts research in all topics related with power grids, with special focus on:

  • Energy Islands
  • Transmission Grid Undergrounding and Power Quality
  • Multiterminal HVDC
  • Harmonic Propagation and Mitigation in Power Grids
  • Composite Materials for HV Towers
  • Insulation for High Frequency Application
  • Island Operation
  • AI for power grids
  • Power System Protection (AC and DC)
  • Insulation Coordination

Ongoing projects

  • HVDC Green: HVDC GRid for intErconnEcting Nusantara
  • MESH: Large-Scale Energy Storage Systems Based on High Temperature Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells and Biogas Methanation Technologies
  • CABOTioN: Cables for HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks

PhD projects

Methods for Harmonic Analysis in Meshed transmission Systems (Bjarne Bukh)

Wind Farm Black Start Service Integration to Assure Resiliency in 100% Renewable Future Power Systems (Daniela Pagnani)

Study of Insulation of High-voltage High-frequency Transformers in Modern Power Electronics Based on Electro-thermal Analysis (Zhaoxin Wang)

Coordination Between Protection and Control System for Renewable Energy Sources (Zhe Yang)

Insulation Evaluation and Design in Power Electronic Components and Systems (Changjiang Zheng)

Ensuring Grid Stability and Supply Reliability in a 100% Renewable Electricity Sector in the Faroe Islands (Helma Maria Trondheim)

Filling Material Investigation of Composite Cross-arms and Grounding Design of a Composite Transmission Tower for 400 kV Overhead Lines (Kai Yin)

Transient Lightning Impulse Performance Analysis of a Fully Composite Pylon with an External-grounding Down-lead (Hanchi Zhang)

Measurement of the Transient Impedance of the Grounding System (Vertical Electrode) Buried in the Multi-Layer Stratified Soil Using Small-Scale Setup (Mohammad Ghomi)

Coordinated control strategy of distributed energy resources in distribution networks (Zhengfa Zhang)

Advanced Protection Technologies of a Cable Dominated Network with large Scale Power Electronics (Kaiqi Ma)

Selected Past Projects