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Vision and Goal of THE RESEARCH GROUP - Power electronics packaging, materials and emerging applications

Wide band gap (WBG) semiconductors challenges the electric, thermal and mechanical design and packaging properties of today’s power electronic components and module. it is the vision of the group to identify and implement new WBG designs and power electronics packaging schemes to ensure high efficiency and performance with respect to power losses, electrical and thermal stress. This is achieved by combining advanced digital design based methodologies with state-of-the part power electronics packaging schemes and materials.

how THE RESEARCH GROUP - Power electronics packaging, materials and emerging applications IS LINKED TO AAU ENERGY MISSIONS

The research group is linked to 4 of the department missions (below). This is through developing new and efficient technologies (highly efficient and compact power components are already demonstrated). The know-how and research accelerates innovation for electrification (SiC based fast chargers example), renewable energy generation (making power modules for higher power wind turbines), Digital design processes reducing development costs and expanding applicability of hardware components employed in the group will also feed into the digital transformation for energy systems.

1.Digital transformation and AI: required digital transformation and AI for smart and resilient energy systems
2.Energy efficiency: Achievement of higher efficiency in energy components and systems
3.Renewable Energy: Ensuring renewable energy generation and energy islands for fossil free energy production
4.Electrification and integration: Moving towards fossil free society by electrification, storage application and integrated energy systems.


Christian Uhrenfeldt
Direct phone: +45 9940 7331
E-mail: chu@energy.aau.dk


Stig Munk Nielsen
Direct phone: +45 9940 9242
E-mail: smn@energy.aau.dk

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