Low Power Energy Harvesting and I-Solutions - AAU Energy research group


We have focus on design and to model of low-power sensor and actuator devices, and design of energy harvesters for powering e.g. pacemaker, in-vivo sensors for health condition monitoring, promoting the development of medical micro-actuators etc. The research group contributes to the development self-powered and self-sustainable IoT-enabled systems for improving the observability and reliability in smart energy networks. We co-design and co-optimize integrated energy-harvesting system elements, and manufacture, test and verify energy harvesting systems to enable low cost strategies and packaging system integration technologies.

Focus areas in this research group are:

  • Autonomous sensors for predictive maintenance applications
  • Low power energy harvesters
  • Self-powered and wireless micro-actuators & monitoring devices
  • IoT-enabled energy networks

The mission is to provide an internationally recognized comprehensive research platform that enables intelligent, independent, and integrated low-power energy harvesting solutions. Activities include multiphysics modeling as well as experimental work involving full energy harvesting systems and individual energy harvesting technologies such as, thermoelectricity, piezoelectricity, electromagnetics, etc.