Low Power Energy Harvesting and I-Solutions - AAU Energy research group


Three laboratories support the research activities in our group. The Low Power Energy Harvesting lab supports fabrication of energy harvesting modules and provides test bench for performance measurements, maximum power point tracking systems, electrical and thermal contact resistance measurement systems, 3D printer and permanent magnet shaker. The Drives Test lab provides a user-friendly interface for a quick and easy implementation of the designed controller for real-time test (dSPACE and/or DSP systems).

There is an advanced loading system in the lab that can support high dynamic load profiles (Siemens drive system). Moreover, there are various accurate measurement equipment in the lab for electrical machine and drive system performance characterization. The Power Electronics Packaging lab provides vacuum vapour phase-soldering system, ultrasonic welder and A1 heavy wire wedge-bonder.

Low Power Energy Harvesting lab

Drives Test lab

Power Electronics Packaging lab