Fuel Cell Systems - AAU Energy research group


The main research areas of the fuel cell systems research group are:

Development of improved fuel cell systems based on advanced models of cells, stacks, humidifiers, reformers etc.
Comprehensive CFD multi-physics modelling, including multi-phase flow in hydrogen and fuel cell systems
Design and optimization of fuel cell systems with respect to requirements imposed by a specific application using advance models
Development of advanced models for parameter estimation, control and monitoring of fuel cell systems.
Fuel cell fault characterization, diagnostics and prognostics, including online state-of health monitoring
Degradation tests (real time and accelerated) and modeling tailored to specific mission profiles
State-of-the-art experimental facilities to generate validation data and to demonstrate improved system design and control
Fuel cell-battery hybridization strategies for different applications

Ongoing projects

MFC MultiGen (2021-2024)

Blue+Box (2020-2021)

H2NOW (2020-2023)

CobraDrive (2019-2023)

LH2 Vessel (2019-2022)

Ongoing and past projects can be found here.