Fuel Cell Systems - AAU Energy research group


The research group is devoted to the education of highly qualified Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhDs in the fields of hydrogen and fuel cells. International students with an interest in the research area are invited to join the international master programmes in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (HyTEC). Alternatively, it is also possible to work with fuel cells in the programmes Thermal Energy and Process Engineering and Mechatronic Control Engineering if the main interests lie within these areas. The group also welcomes guest students with an interest in working with any aspect of fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Students who enroll to the HyTEC specialization can expect to:

  • Advance their knowledge about the conversion and transport processes within fuel cells and hydrogen systems
  • Gain understanding of the design, modelling, simulation and optimisation of energy systems used in various energy conversion applications involving fuel cell and hydrogen production technology
  • Gain knowledge about the detailed operation, functionality and interaction between the various components used in fuel cell and hydrogen production systems
  • Have a detailed knowledge about system integration with respect to both system efficiency and control aspects of fuel cell and hydrogen production systems

PhD projects can be found among our other projects here.