EMI/EMC in Power Electronics - AAU Energy research group

The research group research encompasses feasible and innovative solutions on EMC, energy efficiency and control of power electronic applications. This includes current and future standardization requirement. 



OnGoing Projects 

  • CLEAN-Power: Compatibility and Low electromagnetic Emission Advancements for Next generation Power electronic systems, Duration 2022-2025, Funded by: DFF, PI: Pooya Davari
  • PEMC: Power Electronics software tool for ElectroMagnetic interference pre-Compliance, Type: Industrial Research, Duration: 2022-2023, Funded by: IFD, PI: Pooya Davari
  • EMC-POWER: ElectroMagnetic Compatibility design and modeling in three-phase Power converters, Type: Industrial Research, Duration: 2020-2022, Funded by: Schneider Electric, PI: Pooya Davari
  • HiRED: High Quality and Robust Energy Conversion Systems for Distributed Network, Type: Industrial Research, Duration: 2018-2021, Funded by: ARC (Australian Research Council), AAU-PI: Pooya Davari
  • eSMR-MeOH: Biogas to MeOH by electric reforming, Duration: 2019-2023, Type: Industrial Research, Funded by: EUDP, PI: Frede Blaabjerg, CoI: Pooya Davari

Past Projects

  • Stable-Drives: Stability enhancement methodologies for slim dc-link Drives, Type: Industrial Consultancy, Duration: 2020-2021, Funded by: , PI: Pooya Davari
  • LOW HARM: Power Electronics Ready for New Grid Harmonic Requirements, Type: Industrial Research, Duration: 2019-2020, Funded by: Innovationsnetværket Smart Energy (Inno-SE), PI: Pooya Davari
  • BioCat Roslev - Phase 1, Type: Industrial Research, Duration: 2018-2019, Funded by: EUDP, PI: Frede Blaabjerg, CoI: Pooya Davari
  • Online Condition-Monitoring of Power Semiconductor Devices using Acoustic Time-frequency Spectral Signature, Type: Fundamental Reaseach, Duration: 2017-2018, Funded by: AAU Energy, PI: Pooya Davari, CoI: Francesco Iannuzzo
  • MHDPES: Multi-Physics of High Power Density Power Electronic Systems, Type: Fundamental Research, Duration: 2016-2018, Funded by: DFF-FTP, PI: Pooya Davari
  • NHTD: New Harmonic Reduction Techniques for Motor Drives, Type: Industrial Research, Duration: 2014-2017, Funded by: Innovation Fund Denmark, PI: Frede Blaabjerg