EMI/EMC in Power Electronics - AAU Energy research group

The EMC Laboratory mission is validating and improving EMC in power converter and hence accelerating deployment of modern power electronics systems in order to cope with current and future power grid. The laboratory is equipped with latest hardware and EMI measurement platforms in order to investigate EMC, harmonics, conducted and radiated emissions under different grid faults and loading conditions. The EMC Laboratory is designed to tackle real-world grid and power electronics challenges in close partnership with industry and research institutes at national and international levels.


The laboratory provides suitable research environment for PhD/Master courses and projects programmed in AAU. Every year the laboratory hosts many visiting researchers and guest PhDs around the world due to its powerful proof of concept platform.

The laboratory is equipped with latest instrumentation and power converter setups including:

  • Grid Simulator (12 kVA, unidirectional, three-phase/single-phase operation, simulating different grid-faults, generating background distortion)
  • EMI Receiver (Peak, QP and AV measurement updated with latest CISPR standards)
  • Screening room (for pre-compliance conducted emission test)
  • Broadband Antenna (for open area radiation measurement 30 – 1000 MHz)
  • Network analyzer (measuring parasitic and filter gain)
  • Near-field measurement probes
  • Motor drive system (up to 15 kW)

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