E-Mobility and Industrial Drives - AAU Energy research group


The research group supports the education in the bachelor and master programmes in energy engineering. In addition we also offer education on PhD level. Available PhD positions can be seen here.

PhD Courses

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries. Systems and Applications

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  • Wireless charging of electric vehicles, 1st semester, PED, 2017
  • Development and Implementation of PMSM Solution for Eco-Racer, 2nd semester, MCE, 2017
  • Smart Battery Pack (SBP) for Electric Vehicle Drivetrains, 2nd semester, PED, 2017
  • Voltage Drop Compensation for Electric Vehicle Sensorless Motor Control, 1st semester, PED, 2017
  • Analysis and Simulation of an Electric Propulsion System for the Hals-Egense Ferry, 3rd semester (Bachelor), 2017
  • Power converter for a DC motor in electrical go-kart, 5th semester (Bachelor), 2017
  • An Electronic Inductor-Based Front-End Rectifier for Three-Phase Motor Drive Systems, 7th semester Intro, 2016
  • Low-Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Machine Against Varying Load, PED8, 2016
  • MMC plant and control implemented on a SoC, PED9, 2016
  • Lav frekvent automatisk effektvitets optimering controller for AC drivsystemer, PED8, 2015
  • Parameter Identification Method for PM Machines 'while running', PED8, 2015
  • Control of LC-filter connected PMSM Using Internal State Estimator, 10th semester, 2014
  • Fault Tolerant Hierarchical Control Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converter in HVDC Application, 10th semester, 2014
  • Sensorless Deadbeat Control of PMSM, 10th semester, 2014
  • MPPT for Wind and Photovoltaic Hybrid System using Multiple Input DC/DC Converter, 10th semester, 2014
  • Low-Speed Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Machine, 10th semester, 2014
  • Battery charging for electric vehicles, 8th semester, 2014
  • Design of 2 kW Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging, 5th semester, 2014