Batteries  - AAU Energy research group


In the Batteries research group, we focus on activities at both battery cell level and battery system level.

The research activities at cell level are related to:

  • Electrical and thermal performance characterization of battery cells in a wide range of environmental and loading conditions, emulating real-life usage
  • Lifetime testing (accelerated or real-time) of battery cells using synthetic and/or real-life mission profiles
  • Development and parametrization of accurate electrical and thermal battery cell models based on experimental data and data-sheet.
  • Battery lifetime prediction based on battery performance-degradation models and machine learning techniques
  • State estimation (SOC, SOH, SOP) of battery cells using battery models and/or data-driven methods
  • Battery post-mortem analysis and aging mechanisms identification

The research activities at system level are related to:

  • Designing and prototyping of smart batteries with extended lifetime and fault tolerance
  • Diagnostics of EV batteries in both first-life and second-life.
  • Optimized power and energy management strategies for batteries used in hybrid energy systems
  • Development of mission profiles for battery increased-performance and long-lifetime.

Ongoing projects

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