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Vision and Goal of the research group - batteries

Batteries represent a pillar of the transition to a greener society, playing a major role in the electrification of the transportation sector and in the decarbonization of the energy generation sector. Our vision is to support this transition through cutting-edge research activities within battery modeling, state estimation, lifetime prediction using machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Circular economy and carbon capture - Batteries retired from electric vehicles still have enough performance and can be repurposed in a second-life application postponing thus their recycling, which is far from being an established market. New methods for battery diagnostics and state estimation can enhance the adoption and popularization of the battery second life concept. Renewable generation and energy islands - Most of the time batteries are seen as an asset for renewable generation as they can reduce their drawback in terms of variability, controllability, and not 100% predictability. Optimal power and energy management of batteries can enhance the renewables' grid integration and support the grid in a similar way as conventional generating units do.

research group Leader

Daniel Stroe
Direct phone: +45 9940 3327

Vice research group Leader

Erik Schaltz
Direct phone: +45 3062 2908

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