Wind Power Systems - AAU Energy research group



As one of important renewable energies, the wind power generation has been increasing throughout the world and will be a main variable renewable energy based power source. The mission of the wind power research group is to conduct leading edge research at an internationally excellent level in the field of the wind power systems; to improve reliability, energy efficiency, cost reduction for future wind power systems and wind energy utilization, and to support the developments of modern wind turbine technologies for the industry. We have the following vision:

  • To achieve world class and international excellence
  • To establish and sustain an active research group with sufficient resources
  • To become a leading international research institution in the core research areas 
  • To be an attractive partner in national and international collaborations
  • To be able to attract high quality candidates for thesis projects and research scholars


The research group focuses on the electrical engineering area and also including energy systems. The core research activities are: 


The work will facilitate a thorough understanding and make new developments within wind power systems, including: 

  • Modern wind turbine
  • Generator
  • Gear/generators
  • Power electronic converters
  • Wind power system configurations and associated control
  • Protection and communication systems to realize high efficiency, high reliability and low cost modern wind power conversion systems

Control and operation of wind power plant

The main objective of this task is to establish advanced and high-efficient energy management system (EMS) for wind power plant, where hierarchical control structure in different levels are developed to support high-efficient operation of wind power plants. In addition, this task will develop new control methods for power converters and generators to enhance overall performances and implement the demands of interconnections in both a turbine and a wind farm.


The aim of this task is to develop reliable data acquisition and advanced signal processing techniques for the condition monitoring of wind power plants. Operation status of wind power plants can be monitored in a real-time and high-efficient way. Furthermore, heathy management and detection technology against severe environments also are developed to support safe operation of offshore wind power plant.


This development will extend the existing simulation programmes for the wind power system studies, especially the electrical parts. This work will produce models which may be used for electrical power system analysis and for integration with mechanical aeroelastical design tools.

The developed simulation methods and programmes will have the capability of determining the performance of the critical components in wind turbines and in wind power systems, and it may be used for simulation, optimization and design of the relevant parts in wind turbines and wind power systems.


The aim of this research work is to develop algorithms, procedures and methods for cost effective development of large-scale wind farms in future energy systems. Advanced approaches will be adopted to develop the optimization programme. The main components of the electrical systems of wind farms and key technical specifications are to be used as parameters for optimization.

The work will produce useful knowledge for optimal planning and design of a large number of wind farms allowing a wind power system planner to examine various options for constructing a wind farm in terms of electrical systems, including the effective use of the newly developed power electronic technologies as well as traditional methodologies. Furthermore, market aspects and energy planning will also be considered. 


The network integration of wind turbines/farms is a key issue for large-scale use of wind power, and it presents many technical challenges. This group addresses the technical challenges of interconnection to meet the requirements of utilities, including power quality, system stability and dynamic performance, the coordination of operation, control, protection and communications between wind farms and power systems, etc.

Finished Project

  • Research on Modelling and Simulation Technology for Large-Scale Wind Turbine.
  • Research on DC Network Connection with a Novel Wind Power Generator System
  • Dynamic wind turbine model - from wind to grid,
  • Operation of modern power systems with large scale of wind power and energy storage systems
  • Innovative Wind Conversion Systems
  • Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy

Ongoing PhD Project

  • Pedro Catalán Lago, Advanced Analysis and Control Method of High-Power Wind Turbine in Offshore Wind Farm
  • Kaiqi Ma, Advanced Protection Technologies of a Cable Dominated Network with large Scale Power Electronics
  • Yuan Qiu, Modelling, analysis and control strategy of wind power converter considering nonlinear characteristics
  • Qi Zhang, DCCB Operation and Protective Restoration Strategy in Hybrid HV AC/DC Grids
  • Yufei Xi, Smart Utilization of Wind Energy in the Integrated Energy System
  • Xuewei Wu, Optimal Operation of Integrated Energy System under Market Competition
  • Wenbin Yuan, Advanced Stability Analysis and Control Framework of Inverter-fed Power System for Stability and Reliability Improvement
  • YuYang Wan, Advanced modelling and optimal operation method of AC/DC hybrid microgrid with high penetration of renewable energies
  • Hongyi Wang, Modeling, Analysis and Control for Large Scale Renewable Energy Sources
  • Qinghan Wang, Research on Optimal Control Strategy Based on MAS and Stability Evaluation of Integrated Energy System.

The projects can be seen at VBN research portal