The research group research encompasses feasible and innovative solutions on the reliability of power electronic converters. This includes current and future standardization requirement. 

Project Roadmap on Power Electronics Reliability:

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Increasing research resources in the area of power electronics reliability worldwide in recent years.


This project aims to develop a non-invasive converter-level on-state voltage measurement unit and the associated algorithm, to realize a cost-effective plug-and-play solution for the condition monitoring of power semiconductor switches in power power electronic applications.

Duration: 01/01/2021 → 31/12/2021, PI: Huai Wang

This project is to establish a research network to bridge the necessary expertise across borders and disciplines. Through cross-disciplinary research between the areas of power electronics (AAU) and chemical engineering (MIT), this collaborative network will explore new degradation testing and data analysis concepts for power electronic components.

Duration: 01/01/2021 → 31/12/2022, PI: Huai Wang

This project aims to develop cost-effective non-invasive condition and health monitoring methods for inverters used in traction applications. It addresses the challenges brought by the field operation environments and demands for simplified implementation and minimized false estimation.

Duration: 01/08/2020 → 01/08/2022, PI: Huai Wang

This program will bring together EU’s leading universities and industries, and utilise the latest technological discoveries in power electronics, motor drives, drivetrains and control, sensors and monitoring, communications, big data and artificial intelligence. The outcomes will be significant to impact on EU transport sector, EU research landscape and EU economy.

Duration: 01/03/2020 → 29/02/2024, PI: Huai Wang

This project aims to design and develop light-AI, including computation-light AI and data-light AI, to enable cognitive power electronics, which holds great potential to address longstanding challenges in operation optimization and condition monitoring of power electronics (PE).

Duration: 01/08/2019 → 31/07/2023, PI: Huai Wang

The overall objective of the ELMAC project is to develop a climate coupled proactive-design-and-monitoring strategy (PDMS) for industrial partner’s electronic products to tune their product to be robust for specific regional climate and secondly building connectivity to the device for predictive maintenance.

Duration: 01/06/2019 → 31/05/2023, Col: Huai Wang

X-POWER is a cooperation between the major Danish universities to establish a Danish research infrastructure for reliability testing of power electronics components and systems incl. data collection. The research infrastructure is open on equal terms to project partners, academic, and commercial users who would like to exploit the facilities and/or the competences, and users can apply for access to the infrastructure facilities.

Duration: 01/01/2019 → 31/12/2023, Col: Huai Wang

The activity will have research on failure mechanism of power electronic and power system components, multi-time scale modeling and system assessment, power electronic system modeling and analysis, control of power electronic based power system, system probabilistic and reliability assessment, and validation of the proposed methods.

Duration: 01/08/2017 → 01/12/2023, Col: Huai Wang