Research group introduction

Research Group-How does the reliability of power electronic converters relate to the AAU energy mission

Power electronic converters handle 80% of the electricity generated and used today and are part of the critical infrastructure for green transformation. As our society advances towards digital transformation, data analysis, transportation electrification and Industry 4.0, power electronics technology will play an increasingly important role in controlling and converting electrical energy in an efficient, reliable and cognitive way. The vision of the ReliaPEC Group is very consistent with the digital transformation of smart and resilient energy systems and artificial intelligence, the energy efficiency of components and systems, and the mission of renewable energy power generation and energy islands.

Key Drivers

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost of energy
  • Life cycle cost
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Time-to-market

Key Trends

  • Product + service
  • Data + physics
  • Digitalization