The Reliapec group provides suitable research environment for PhD study and projects programmed in AAU. Every year the laboratory hosts many visiting researchers and guest PhDs around the world due to its powerful proof of concept platform, witch including:

  • Degradation Testing of DC Film Capacitors under Humidity Conditions


  • Reliability Study of Power Electronic Systems - MMC



  • Thermal-impedance characterization


​Transient thermal characterization​

Follow JEDEC JESD51-1, JESD51-14​

Power cycling​​


Rth,j-c measurement​

Non-destructive thermal impedance analysis​

Power cycling



  • Advanced High-frequency high-precision Magnetic Component Characterization System


B-H Curve:  Magnetic flux density (Bm), Magnetic field strength (Hm), Coersive force (Hc)​

Core Loss:  Pc, Pcv, Pcm, Flux linkage (2φm), Apparent power (VA), Loss coefficient (tanδ)​

Impedance:  Inductance (L), Resistance (R), Impedance (|Z|), Quality factor (Q), Phase (θ)​

Permeability: Relative permeability (µa), Impedance permeability, Complex permeability (µ',µ") ​

Operation Harmonics:  Total harmonic distortion (THD), Harmonic active power, Select calculation order from 2nd order to 100th order​​


High-frequency low-voltage magnetics and high-voltage magnetics characterization and measurement​

Degradation testing of magnetic components ​

Application-oriented testing of magnetic components for industry customers



  • kV/kA Capacitor Testing Platform


10000V DC test voltage for capacitor banks​

1000A  AC test current for capacitor banks​

Apply critical stresses during the life-cycle test ​​


Suitable for AC/DC capacitor electro-thermal stress test in different applications​

Wind power system​

Railway traction system​

Photovoltaic system