Published PhD Projects 2010-2019

PhD projects published in the period 2010-2019


Ali, Shahid:
Modeling and Optimization of Synthetic Fuel Production Units Based on Combined Solid Oxide Electrolysis and Gasification.

Heydari, Rasool:
High Bandwidth Frequency and Voltage Control in a VSC based AC Microgrid.

Lashab, Abderezak:
Topologies and Control in Photovoltaic Systems with and without Storage.

Lu, Dapeng:
Stability and Control of Dc-Link Dynamics in Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converters.

Wang, Zhongxu:
Mission Profile based Control and Reliability Improvement Strategies of Modular Multi-level Converter.

Alhasheem, Mohamed:
Improvement of Transient Power Sharing Performance in Parallel Converter Systems.

Gonzalez, Adolfo Garcia:
Recyclable Electrical Machine Designs with 3D Flux and Non-Traditional Materials.

Sinha, Rakesh:
Flexible Control for Local Heating and Transportation Units in Low Voltage Distribution System.

Gökmen, Nuri:
Analysis of high PV Penetration Impacts and Reactive Power Management in Unbalanced Distribution Grids Including the Secondaries.

Christensen, Nicklas:
Demonstration of High Power Density kW Converters Utilizing

Sønderskov, Simon Heindorf:
Predicting Performance Degradation of Fuel Cells in Backup Power Systems

Nainar, Karthikeyan:
Hierarchical Distributed Control of Active Electric Power Distribution Grids

Pokhrel, Basanta Raj:
Improved Observability for State Estimation in Active Distribution Grid Management.

Wang, Hechao:
Position Estimation Error Analysis, Self-Commissioning and Compensation for Low-Speed Sensorless Synchronous Machine Drives.

Vernica, Ionut:
Model-based Reliability Analysis of Power Electronic Systems.

Li, Pengfei:
Frequency Control Strategies of Power System with Renewable Generation Integration.

Ceccarelli, Lorenzo:
Advanced Modeling of SiC Power MOSFETs aimed to the Reliability Evaluation of Power Modules.

Baizura Bintiahamad, Nor:
Integration of Microgrid Technologies in Future Seaports.

Bin Othman, Muzaidi:
Energy Management System in Shipboard Microgrid.

Jørgensen, Asger Bjørn:
Packaging of Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductors using Simulation-based Design.

Jepsen, Kasper Lund:
Modeling and Control of Membrane Filtration Systems for Offshore Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment.

Rannestad, Bjørn:
Methods of Monitoring and Reliability Improvement of Wind Turbine Converters.

Lafmejani, Saeed Sadeghi:
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Gas - Liquid Flow in PEM Water Electrolysis.

Simonsen, Anders Schou:
Modelling and Analysis of Seawater Scrubbers for Reducing SOx Emissions from Marine Engines.

Mahmoudi Nezhad, Sajjad:
Transient Study of Hybrid Concentrating Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric Systems and Solar Thermoelectric Generators.

Irnawan, Roni:
Planning and control of expandable multi-terminal VSC-HVDC transmission systems.

Takaaki, Tanaka:
Control and Optimization of Modular Multilevel Cascaded Statcom Converters for Offshore Wind Application

Frensch, Steffen:
Lifetime Investigation of PEM Electrolyzers under Realistic Load Profiles.


Pedersen, Niels Henrik:
Development of Control Strategies for Digital Displacement Units.

Liu, Wenzhao:
Modeling and Power Quality Assessment in Shipboard Microgrids.

Mir Hosseini, Seyed Mojtaba:
System Integration, Optimization and Application of Thermoeletric Generators.

Song, Sungyoung:
Reliability of GaN-on-Si high-electron-mobility transistors for power electronics application.

Beheshtaein, Siavash:
Advanced Protection Strategies for Microgrids.

Jin, Zheming:
Coordinated Control and Stability Enhancement of Direct Current Shipboard Microgrids.

Shen, Yanfeng:
Reliability-Oriented Design and Optimization of Photovoltaic Microinverters.

Wang, Haoran:
Capacitive DC links-Design, Control and its Impact on the Reliability of Power Electronic Systems.

Han, Renke:
Modeling, Control and Stability Analysis of high Performance DC Microgrids.

Wang, Qian:
Experimental Investigation on Electrical Behaviors of an Innovative 400-kV Double-Circuit Composite Tower.

Bhutto, Arifa:
Verification and Validation of UML/OCL Object Component Model

Dowlatabadi, Mohammad Kazem B.:
Harmonic Modelling, Propagation and Mitigation for Large Wind Power Plants Connected via Extra Long HVAC Cables: With special focus on harmonic stability

Pedersen, Marie Cecilie:
Modelling Icing on Structures for Wind Power Applications

Dincan, Gabriel Catalin:
High power medium voltage DC/DC converter technology for DC wind turbines.

Jahangiri, Tohid:
Electrical Design of a New, Innovative Overhead Line Transmission Tower made in Composite Materials.

Sangwongwanich, Ariya:
Grid-Friendly High-Reliability Photovoltaic Systems.

Jensen, Anna Lyhne:
Characterisation of Rag Properties and their Transport in Wastewater Pumps.

Lighari, Sheeraz Niaz:
The Security Analysis of large Scale Streaming Data.

Ciontea, Catalin Iosef:
Utilisation of the ratios of symmetrical components in electrical protection: with applications in medium-voltage maritime installations and distribution networks.

Khazraj, Hesam:
Wide Area Monitoring Using Synchrophasor-Based State Estimation

Zeng, Qing:
Modeling and Analysis for Integration of Multi-Energy Systems.

Lu, Jinghang:
Control and Protection of Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply System.

Ebrahimzadeh, Esmaeil:
Electrical Oscillations in Wind Power Plants - Modeling, Control, and Mitigation.

Wu, Qian:
Moulding Technology based Ferrite Magnet assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machine.

Golestan, Saeed:
Modeling, Analysing, and Designing Advanced Synchronization Techniques for Power Converters.

Wang, Yunlong:
Attitude Stabilization System for Marine Satellite Tracking Antenna.

Liniger, Jesper:
Design of Reliable Fluid Power Pitch Systems for Wind Turbines.

Stroe, Ana-Irina:
Analysis of Performance and Degradation for Lithium Titanate Oxide Batteries.

Jensen, Claus Uhrenholt:
Pius – Hydrofaction™ Technology Platform with Integrated Upgrading Step.

Liu, Dong:
Three-level (TL) based Isolated DC/DC Converters with Improved Performances.

Thomas, Sobi:
Operational Strategies for longer Durability of HTPEM Fuel Cells Operating on Reformed Methanol.

Diaz, Enrique Rodriguez:
Modelling and Control of DC Microgrids for Efficient Energy Distribution Systems.


Feng, Yang:
Three - Phase Slim DC - Link PMSM/SynRM Sensorless Drive.

Knap, Vaclav:
Characterization, Modelling and State Estimation of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries.

Nørgård, Christian:
Design, Optimization and Testing of Valves for Digital Displacement Machines.

Hærvig, Jakob:
On the Adhesive Behaviour of Micron-sized Particles in Turbulent Flow: A Numerical Study Coupling the Discrete Element Method and Large Eddy Simulations.

Zhang, Xiaoxu:
Design and Analysis of Magnetic-Geared Transmission Devices for Low-Speed High-Torque Application.

Wei, Baoze:
Distributed Control Strategies applied to Parallel-Connected Three-Phase Modular UPS Inverters.

Zhang, Baohua:
Advanced Control and Operation of Wind Power Plants.

Reigosa, Paula Diaz:
Short-Circuit Instabilities in Silicon IGBTs and Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

Eni, Emanuel Petre:
Characterisation and Analysis of high Voltage Silicon Carbide Mosfet.

Bai, Haofeng:
Harmonic Mitigation and Resonance Damping Based on Impedance Model using Series LC Filtered VSI.

Wang, Yanbo:
Stability Assessment of Inverter-Fed Power System.

Gadalla, Brwene Salah Abdelkarim:
Lifetime Prediction of the Boost, Z-source and Y-source Converters in a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Application.

Lu, Minghui:
Stability Analysis and Performance Optimization for the Multi-Parallel Grid Inverters System.

Tian, Jie:
Optimal Power Control in DFIG Turbine based Wind Farm considering Wake Effect and Lifetime.

Grigoras, Ionela:
Effects of Biomass Composition on HTL Process Conditions and Bio-Oil.

Abdelaal Hammam Soliman, Hammam:
Condition Monitoring of Capacitors for DC-link Application in Power Electronic Converters

Lin, Hengwei:
Protection and Stability Analysis in Microgrids.

Jeppesen, Christian:
Online Fault Detection for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells - A Data Driven Impedance Approach.

Xin, Zhen:
Advanced Control and Stability Enhancement of Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Inverter with LCL-Filter.

Durdevic Løhndorf, Petar:
Real‐Time Monitoring and Robust Control of Offshore De‐Oiling Processes.

Sintamarean, Iulia-Maria:
Feedstock Preparation and Physico-chemical Characterization; Optimization of Feedstocks for Continuous HTL and Optimum Yield.

Luna Hernández, Adriana Carolina:
Energy Management Systems for Microgrids Equipped with Renewable Energy Sources and Battery Units.

Barreras, Jorge Varela:
Practical Methods in Li-ion Batteries for Simplified Modeling, Battery Electric Vehicle Design, Battery Management System Testing and Balancing System Control.

Hou, Peng:
Optimization of Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm.

Kwon, Jun Bum:
Harmonic State Space (HSS) Modeling for Power Electronic Based Systems.

Carmo, Carolina:
Modelling and Development of Innovative Dual-Mode Smart-Grid Heat Pump with HP2Grid Functionality.

Khan, Mohammad Rezwan:
Thermal Management of Battery Systems in Electric Vehicle and Smart Grid Application.

Zhao, Xin:
Grid Support by Power Converters in Microgrids.

Yoon, Changwoo:
Small Scale Harmonic Power System Stability.

Aldana, Nelson Leonardo Diaz:
Coordinated Control and Management of Distributed Energy Storage Systems for Microgrids.


Qin, Nan:
Voltage Control in the Future Transmission Systems.

Sun, Bo:
Control of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems in Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations.

Pedersen, Simon:
Plant-wide Anti-slug Control for Offshore Oil and Gas Processes

Guan, Yajuan:
Novel Control Strategies for Parallel-connected Inverters in AC Microgrids.

Man, Elena Anamaria:
Design Considerations for Thermoelectric Power Generation.

Zhang, Chi:
Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply System.

Mohammadi, Soma:
Conversion of Existing District Heating Grids to Low-Temperature Operation and Extension to new Areas of Buildings.

Imran, Raja Muhammad:
Multivariable Control for Load Mitigation of Wind Turbine.

Li, Chendan:
Analysis and Control for AC and DC Microgrids.

Bede, Lorand:
Advanced and Robust Grid Control of Power Converters.

Frandsen, Tommy Vestergaard:
Motor Integrated Permanent Magnet Gear.

Wang, Chao:
Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnostics of Wind Turbines.

Beres, Remus Narcis:
Optimal Design of Passive Power Filters in Grid-Connected Voltage-Source Converters.

Abulanwar, Elsayed Mohamed:
Wind power integration into weak power systems.

Liu, Hui:
Reliability Analysis of Modular Multi-level Converter for Offshore Wind Power Transmission Systems.

Baker, Nick:
An Electrical Method for Junction Temperature Measurement on Power Semiconductor Switches.

Soltani, Hamid:
Interharmonics Analysis and Mitigation in Adjustable Speed Drives.

Pedersen, Thomas Helmer:
HydroThermal Liquefaction of Biomass and Model Compounds.

Choi, Uimin:
Studies on IGBT Module to Improve the Reliability of Power Electronic Systems (from component to converter).

Raboni, Pietro:
Modelling, Control and Integration of Distributed Generators for Enhanced Ancillary Services.

Gohil, Ghanshyamsinh Vijaysinh:
Modulation and Circulating Current Suppression for Parallel Interleaved Voltage Source Converters.

Sahlin, Simon Lennart:
Characterization and Modeling of a Methanol Reforming Fuel Cell System.

Tian, Yanjun:
Optimization Control of Bidirectional Cascaded DC-AC Converter Systems.

Wang, Dong:
Variable-Speed, Robust Synchronous Reluctance Machine Drive Systems.

Kordkheili, Reza Ahmadi:
Flexibility and Balancing in Active Distribution Networks.

Singh, Yash Veer:
Motor Integrated Variable Speed Drives.


Huang, Min:
Control Strategies for Trap Filter Interfaced Three-Phase Grid Connected Converters.

Zhu, Rongwu:
Improved Control Strategy for DFIG-based Wind Turbine System during Grid Voltage Disturbances and Faults.

Kouzelis, Konstantinos:
Load and Flexibility Models for Distribution Grid Management.

Batra, Tushar:
Design of Static Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles with Focus on Magnetic Coupling and Emissions.

Wu, Rui:
Electro-thermal Modeling of Modern Power Devices for Studying Abnormal Operating Conditions.

Ghimire, Pramod:
Real Time Monitoring and Wear Out on Power Modules.

Zhou, Fan:
Degradation of H3PO4/PBI High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell under Stressed Operating Conditions: Effect of Start/Stop Cycling, Impurities Poisoning and H2 Starvation.

Bahman, Amir Sajjad:
Multidisciplinary Design Tool for Power Circuits (with focus on high power modules).

Li, Helong:
Parallel Connection of Silicon Carbide MOSFETs for Multichip Power Modules.

Wijesooriyage, Waruna P. Wijesekara Dissanayaka:
Oxide-based High Temperature Thermoelectric Generators - Development of Integrated Design Technique and Construction of a Thermoelectric Module.

Wu, Dan:
Decentralized Coordinated Control Strategy of Islanded Microgrids.

Justesen, Kristian Kjær:
Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell Systems - and their use in Electric Hybrid Systems.

Jürgensen, Lars:
Dynamic Biogas Upgrading for Integration of Renewable Energy from Wind, Biomass and Solar.

Meng, Lexuan:
Hierarchical Control for Optimal and Distributed Operation of Microgrid Systems.

Meyer, Ane Katharina Paarup :
Sustainable Biomass Resources for Biogas Production - Mapping and Analysis of the Potential for Sustainable Biomass Utilization in Denmark and Europe.

Bhattarai, Bishnu Prasad:
Intelligent Control and Operation of Distribution System.

Xie, Ge:
Design of Parameter Independent, High Performance Sensorless Controllers for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines.

Dimopoulos, Emmanouil:
High Efficient Power Electronic Converter for new Generator Technology.

Qin, Zian:
Improved Design Methods for Robust Single- and Three-Phase ac-dc-ac Power Converters.

Braun, Philipp:

Intelligent Energy Management System for Virtual Power Plants

Sintamarean, Nicolae-Cristian:
Reliability Oriented Circuit Design for Power Electronics Applications.

Hoseinzadeh, Bakhtyar:
A Power System Emergency Control Scheme in the Presence of High Wind Power Penetration.

Nielsen, Rasmus Ørndrup:
Grid Connected Power Supplies for Particle Accelerator Magnets.

F. Astaneh, S. Mostafa:
Economic Operation of Power Systems with Significant Wind Power Penetration.

Spataru, Sergiu:
Characterization and Diagnostics for Photovoltaic Modules and Arrays.

Bak, Claus Leth:
EHV/HV Underground Cable Systems for Power Transmission.

Glasdam, Jakob Bærholm:
Harmonics in Offshore Wind Power Plants Employing Power Electronic Devices in the Transmission System.

Gebremariam, Abraham Teklay:
CFD Modelling and Experimental Testing of Thermal Calcination of Kaolinite Rich Clay Particles - An Effort towards Green Concrete.


Johansen, Per:
Tribodynamic Modeling of Digital Fluid Power Motors.

Zhou, Dao:
Reliability Assessment and Energy Loss Evaluation for Modern Wind Turbine Systems.

Vang, Jakob Rabjerg:
HTPEM Fuel Cell Impedance – Mechanistic Modelling and Experimental Characterization.

Shafiee, Qobad:
Multi-Functional Distributed Secondary Control for Autonomous Microgrids.

Craciun, Bogdan-Ionut:
Grid Support in Large Scale PV Power Plants using Active Power Reserves

Stroe, Daniel Ioan:
Lifetime Models for Lithium-ion Batteries used in Virtual Power Plant Applications.

Rømer, Daniel Beck:
Design and Optimization of Fast Switching Valves for Large Scale Digital Hydraulic Motors.

Park, Kiwoo:
Power Electronic Systems for Switched Reluctance Generator based Wind Farms and DC Networks.

Diaz de Cerio Mendaza, Iker:
An Interactive Energy System with Grid, Heating and Transportation Systems

Liu, Hongzhi:
Grid Integration of Offshore Wind Farms via VSC-HVDC – Dynamic Stability Study.

Yang, Yongheng:
Advanced Control Strategies to Enable a More Wide-Scale Adoption of Single-Phase Photovoltaic Systems.

Leban, Krisztina Monika:
Design Tool for Direct Drive Wind Turbine Generators: Proposed solutions for direct drive Darrieus generators 20MW.

Hansen, Anders Hedegaard:
Investigation and Optimisation of a Discrete Fluid Power PTO-system for Wave Energy Converters.

Milan, Christian:
Choosing the right Technologies – a Model for Cost Optimized Design of a Renewable Supply System for Residential Zero Energy Buildings.

Gao, Xin:
HT-PEM Fuel Cell System with Integrated Thermoelectric Exhaust Heat Recovery.

Mustafa, Ghullam:
Control and Protection in Low Voltage Grid with Large Scale Renewable Electricity Generation.

Rather, Zakir Hussain:
WAMS Based Intelligent Operation and Control of Modern Power System with Large Scale Renewable Energy Penetration.

Sztykiel, Michal:
High Voltage Power Converter for Large Wind Turbine.

Schmidt, Lasse:
Robust Control of Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder Drives - with Special Reference to Sliding Mode- & Finite-Time Control.


Hoffmann, Jessica:
Bio-oil Production - Process Optimization and Product Quality.

Hjerm Hansen, Rico:
Design and Control of the Power Take-Off System for a Wave Energy Converter with Multiple Absorbers.

Liu, Zhou:
Multi Agent System Based Wide Area Protection Strategy against Cascading Events.

Busca, Cristian:
Lifetime Prediction of High-Power Press-Pack IGBTs in Wind Power Applications.

Liu, Chengxi:
Intelligent Control and Protection Methods for Modern Power System Based on WAMS.

Sun, Zhen:
Nonlinear System Identification and its Application to Fault Detection and Diagnosis.

Jensen, Christian Flytkjær:
Online Fault Location on AC Cables in Underground Transmission Systems.

Ma, Ke:
Power Electronics for the Next Generation Wind Turbine System.

Rudra, Souman:
Design and System Analysis of Quad-Generation Plant Based on Biomass Gasification Integrated with District Heating.

Stubkier, Søren:
Hydraulic Soft Yaw System for Multi MW Wind Turbine.

Zhang, Yunqian:
Load and Flicker Mitigation of Grid-Connected Wind Turbines with DFIG.

Olesen, Anders Christian:
Macroscopic Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells.

Liu, Yan:
The Study on Hybrid Multi-Infeed HVDC System Connecting with Offshore Wind Farm.

Kouchaksaraeia, Maryam Momeni:
Fundamental Study of Single Biomass Particle Combustion.

Wang, Xiongfei:
Harmonic Mitigation in Islanded Microgrids by Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Energy Resources.


Hu, Weihao:
Operation of Modern Distribution Power Systems in Competitive Electricity Markets.

Su, Chi:
Oscillation Performance and Wide-area Coordination Control of Power System with Large-scale Wind Farms.

Araya, Samuel Simon:
High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells - Degradation and Durability.

Ohno, Teruo:
Dynamic Study on the 400 kV 60 km Kyndbyværket - Asnæsværket Lineems.

Kolaei, Alireza Rezania:
Design, Modeling and Optimisation of Thermoelectrical Power Generation Devices.

da Silva, Rodrigo:
Optimization of Multiteminal VSC-HVDC Transmission for Wind Power Plants.

Adamczyk, Andrzej:
Power systems oscillation damping with augmented Wind Power Plant.

Göksu, Ömer:
Control of Wind Turbines during Symmetrical and Asymetrical Grid Faults.

Altin, Müfit:
Dynamic Frequency Response of Wind Power Plants.

Swierczynski, Maciej:
Li-ion Battery Energy Storage for Augmented Wind Power Plants.

Wei, Mu:
Communications for Coordinative Control of Wind Power Systems.

Deng, Fujin:
Wind Turbine Configuration for Offshore Wind Farm with DC Connection.

Yang, Yang:
Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Structures in the Sydney Swirl Burner.

Demirok, Erhan:
Control of Grid Interactive PV Inverters for High Penetration in Low Voltage Distribution Networks.

Maheshwari, Ram Krishan:
The Use of Active Elements to Reduce the Size and Weight of Passive Components in Adjustable Speed Drives.

Beczkowski, Szymon:
Control and driving methods for LED based intelligent light sources.

Liso, Vincenzo:
Design and Control of a SOFC Micro CHP System.

Kocewiak, Lukasz:
Harmonics in Large Offshore Wind Farms.

Matzen, Torben:
Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines.

Arsalis, Alexandros:
Development of Next Generation Micro-CHP System.


Jakobsen, Uffe:
Hybrid Switched Reluctance Motors for Circulation Pumps.

Chaudhary, Sanjay Kumar:
Wind Power Plant Control for HVDC Connection.

Senturk, Osman Selcuk:
High Power Density Power Electronic Converters For Large Wind Turbines.

Pillai, Jayakrishnan Radhakrishna:
Electric Vehicle Based Battery Storages for Large Scale Wind Power Integration in Denmark.

Faria da Silva, Filipe Miguel:
Analysis and simulation of electromagnetic transients in HVAC cable transmission grids.

Trintis, Ionut:
Medium Voltage Grid Converters for Storage.

Török, Lajos:
Grid converter for LED based intelligent light source.


Chen, Peiyuan:
Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Power Systems with Renewable Generation.

Jørgensen, Frank Thorleif:
Design and Construction of Permanent Magnetic Gears.

Schaltz, Erik:
Design of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Drive System.

Lebæk, Jesper:
Experimental Characterization and Modeling of PEM Fuel Cells.

Gudmundsdottir, Stella Unnur:
Modelling of long High Voltage AC Cables in the Transmission System.

Máthé, Lászlo:
Product Sound: Acoustically Pleasant Motor Drives.

Toor, Saqib Sohail:
Modeling and Optimization of CatLiq® Liquid Biofuel Process.

Mahat, Pukar:
Control and Operation of Islanded Distribution System.

Garcia, Jorge Martinez:
Voltage Control in Wind Power Plants with Doubly Fed Generators.