Published PhD Projects 2000-2009

Published PhD projects in the period 2000-2009


Ciobotaru, Mihai:
Reliable Grid Condition Detection and Control of Single-Phase Distributed Power Generation Systems.

Chen, Min:
Design, Modeling and Utilization of Thermoelectrical Materials and Devices in Energy Systems.

Sera, Dezso:
Real-time Modelling, Diagnostics and Optimised MPPT for Residental PV Systems.

Mandø, Matthias:
Turbulence Modulation by Non-Spherical Particles.

Kerekes, Tamas:
Analysis and Modeling of Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter Systems.

Andreasen, Søren Juhl:
Design and Control of High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell System.

Klimczak, Pawel:
Modular Power Electronic Converters in the Power Range 1 to 10 kW.


Suwannarat, Akarin:
Integration and Control of Wind Farms in the Danish Electricity System.

Korsgaard, Anders:
Design and Control of Household CHP Fuel Cell System.

Negra, Nicola Barberis:
Offshore Wind Power: Grid Connection and Reliability.


Asiminoaei, Lucian:
Estimation and Reduction of Harmonic Currents from Power Converters.

Helle, Lars:
Modeling and Comparison of Power Converters for Doubly Fed Induction Generations in Wind Turbines.

Timbus, Adrian Vasile:
Grid Monitoring and Advance Control of Distributed Power Generations Systems.

Sabelström, Hanna:
Diffusion of Solid Fuel on a Vibrating Grate.

Pedersen, Henrik Clemmensen:
Automated Hydraulic System Design and Power Management in Mobile Applications.


Sørensen, Henrik:
Experimental Investigation of Non-Spherical Particle Aerodynamics.

Wiechowski, Wojciech:
Harmonics in Transmission Power Systems.

Nielsen, Brian:
Controller Development for a Separate Meter-In Separate Meter-Out Fluid Power Valve for Mobile Applications.

Grue, Jeppe:
Process Integration - Core Processes and Utility Systems.

Clausen, Martin:
Fault-Tolerant Electro Hydraulic Steering of Off-Highway Machines.

Bendixen, Flemming Buus:
Segmented Motor Drive with Multi-phase Induction Motor.

Jauch, Clemens:
Stability and Control of Wind Farms in Power Systems.

Zhao, Menghao:
Optimization of Electrical System for Offshore Wind Farms via a Genetic Algorithm Approach.


Sørensen, Kim:
Dynamic Boiler Performance - Modelling, Simulation and Optimizing Boilers for Dynamic Cooperation.

Nielsen, Mads Pagh:
Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell Systems.

Lu, Kaiyuan:
Design Study for Contrallable Electric Motor for Three Wheel Drive, In Wheel Mounting on Professional, Electric, Lawn Mower.

Kjær, Søren Bækhøj:
Design and Control of an Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications.

Hanigovszki, Norbert (industrial PhD):
EMC Output Filters for Adjustable Speed Drives.

Bolik, Sigrid:
Modelling and Analysis of Variable Speed Wind Turbines in Induction Generator during Grid Fault.

Bang, Mads (industrial PhD):
Modeling of Diffusive, Convective and Electrochemical Processes in PEM Fuel Cells.


Sun, Tao:
Power Quality of Grid-Connected Wind Turbines with DFIG and Their Interaction with the Grid.

Thorsteinsson, Jon Agust:
Modelling of Fishing Vessel Operation for Energy System Optimisation.

Tataru, Ana Mari:
Shark-new Concept for Energy Saving.


Jensen, Martin Høgdahl:
Broadband Model of the Distribution Network.

Münzer, Marc E.:
Resolved Motion Control of Mobile Hydraulic Cranes.


Perera, P.D. Chandana:
Sensorless Control of Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor Drives.

Rasmussen, Peter Omand:
Design and Advanced Control of Switched Reluctance Motors.

Sandholdt, Per:
Modelling and Test of Electrical Drive Systems.

Nielsen, John Godsk:
Design and Control of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer.


Kær, Søren Knudsen:
Numerical Investigation of Deposit Formation in Straw-fired Boilers.

Borup, Uffe V.:
Improved Design and Control of Ground Power Units for Airplanes.

Hansen, Steffan:
Harmonic Distortion of Rectifer Topologies for Adjustable Speed Drives.

Byskov, Rikke Kau:
Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Structures in a Centrifugal Pump Impeller.

Nielsen, Kenny Krogh:
Application of CFD for Calculating Rotordynamic Forces from Leakage Flows in Turbomachinery.


Kærstad, Eirik:
Time-Dependant Temperature Behavior in Rock and Borehole.

Østergaard, Leo:
Modelling and Simulation of the Diode Split Transformer.

Abrahamsen, Flemming:
Energy Optimal Control of Induction Motor Drives.

Kragh, Henrik:
Modelling, Analysis and Optimisation of Power Electronic Circuits for Low-Cost Drives.

Bech, Michael Møller:
Analysis of Random Pulse-Width Modulation Techniques for Power Electronic Converters.