Published PhD Projects 1990-1999

Published PhD projects in the period 1990-1999


Junker, Helle:
Cofiring Biomass and Coal Plant Comparisons and Experimental Investigations.

Madsen, Jens Ingemann:
Design Optimization of Internal Flow Devices.

Rosendahl, Lasse:
Extending the Modelling Framework for Gas-particle Systems.

Albrechtsen, Ronny Arne:
Measurement and analysis of Multiphases Flow Using X-ray and Electromagnetic Techniques .

Rusts, Jan:
Numerical Simulation of Gas-Particle flow Linked to Pulverized Coal Linked to Pulverized Coal Combustion.


Rasmussen, Claus Bjerregaard:
Modelling and Simulation of Surface Mounted PM Motors.

Nielsen, Peter:
The Matrix Converter for an Induction Motor Drive.

Andersen, Henrik Rosendahl:
Motor Drives for Variable-Speed Compressors.

Munk-Nielsen, Stig:
Three Phase resonant DC Link Converters.

Jacobsen, Christian Brix:
Large Eddy Simulation of Confined Swirling Flow - A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Isotrhemal Combustion
Chamber Flows.


Blaabjerg, Frede:
Modelling Power Electronic Components and Circuits.

Bach, Inger:
Energiforsyningssystemer - en analyse af optimeringsmetoder og energiforsyningssystemer til industrien.


Deng, Xiaolan:
Detection of Rotor Faults on Induction Motors by Investigating the Flux Linkage of the Stator Winding.

Cheng, Longchun:
Field Vector Strategy for an Induction Motor System using PWM Rectifier/Inverter Link.

Rasmussen, Keld Folsach:
Efficiency Optimisation of Electric Motors.


Bak-Jensen, Birgitte:
Modellering af højspændingskomponenter.

Mikkelsen, Søren Damsgaard:
Diagnosis of the Condition of Electric Components using Transfer Functions, The DEKTO Project.

Hassing, Niels Henrik:
Prediction of Flow in Gas Cyclones - A Survey of Numerical Modelling Technniques.


Condra, Thomas Joseph:
Hot Gas Cleaning. Experimental and computational analysis of inertial separators.


Elvekjær, Peter:
Cirkulerende fluidized bed kedel - som del af Combined Cycle anlæg.

Jensen, Michael Sander:
Modelbaseret robotregulering.

Nielsen, Michael Tønnes:
Adaptive parameter tuning and Adaptive control of non-linear AC-drives.