Xi, Yufei

Xi, Yufei

PROJECT TITLE: Smart Utilization of Wind Energy in the Integrated Energy System

PhD period: 2018.10.01 – 2021.09.30.
Section: Electric Power Systems
Research Programme: Wind Power Systems
Supervisor: Zhe Chen
Co-Supervisor: Henrik Lund
Contact Information

Collaborator: To be announced later.
Funding: China Scholarship Council.


The main purposes of the project are to investigate the integrated energy system based on renewable energy technology such as wind power, provide comprehensive solutions for the new energy system regarding the real time operation, energy exchange of the wind power generation, tackle the challenge of providing reliable, flexible, and price‐competitive energy services to communities via a systematic integrated approach of electricity, natural gas and district heating.

The project will develop a coordinated operation strategy of wind power in the integrated energy systems with better understanding and prediction of demands and minimize the power losses while enhance synergies between different energy systems. The main outcomes of the project are co-simulation tools in dynamic states, real‐time coordinated control methods and the online tools to realise the methods.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.