Chou, Shihfeng

Shihfeng Chou

PROJECT TITLE: Modeling of Large-scale Power Electronics based Power System

PhD period: 2018.05.01 – 2021.04.30.
Section: Power Electronic Systems
Research Programmes: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics and Electronic Power Grid (eGrid)
Supervisor: Frede Blaabjerg
Co-Supervisor: Xiongfei Wang
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Collaborator: To be announced later. 
Funding: Villum Foundation.


The power systems are becoming power electronic-dominant with an ever-high penetration level of renewable energies, like wind and solar photovoltaics. When multiple power electronic converters are connected close to the point of the common coupling, interactions may appear, and thus leading to instability and failures. In order to tackle those issues, a better understanding of the behavior of large-scale power electronic-based power systems is necessary, which is the main objective of this PhD project. With this, the project should develop models (e.g., average small-signal modeling, impedance-based modeling, and harmonic state space modelling) of large-scale power electronic-based power systems combined with a large integration of renewables into the grid, considering multiple timescales and multiple variables. Furthermore, in the case of large-scale power electronic-based power systems, how the model aggregation will affect the analysis and system assessment should also be addressed in this project. The developed models should be validated through experimental tests.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.