Farsakoglou, Thomas

PhD Student Thomas Farsakoglou

PROJECT TITLE: Energy Efficient Offshore Hydraulic Systems with focus on rotary Actuation

PhD period: 2021.02.01 – 2024.01.31.
Section: Fluid Power and Mechatrocnic Systems
Research Programme: Efficient, Intelligent And Reliable Fluid Power Technology
Supervisor: Torben Ole Andersen
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Funding: SFI Project


Energy efficiency is one of the most important characteristics of any system today and offshore rotary actuation systems, such as winch drives, are no exception. In recent years, the industry moves towards replacing conventional hydraulic drives with electrical ones which are known for having high energy efficiency. However, hydraulic systems offer unique advantages, such as robustness to impacts, smaller size and high acceleration, which are very appealing when operating in the harsh offshore environment. To enable hydraulic winch drives to remain competitive in the future, this project proposes the utilization of digital displacement technology which has the potential of improving their overall efficiency. For that purpose, a new digital valve is designed and implemented in order to ensure optimal performance for the DDM. Then, a control scheme is developed for the complete winch drive system that enables energy recovery during lowering of the load but is also capable of achieving heave compensation in order to decouple the wave-induced motion of the vessel from the load. The new digital displacement hydraulic winch drive is validated with experimental results thus demonstrating that hydraulic systems can remain competitive in the offshore business as they offer high energy-efficiency, satisfactory performance and robustness.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.