Godoy, Jaqueline de

PhD student Jaqueline de Godoy

PROJECT TITLE: Energy Cultures and Agent Behaviour

PhD period: 2018.05.04 – 2021.05.03.
Research Programme: Energy Cultures
Supervisor: Mads Pagh Nielsen
Co-Supervisor: Kathrin Otrel-Cass
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Collaborators: University of Stavanger (Norway), Lyse AS (Norway), IZT (Germany)


This thesis purpose is to understand the actors' behaviour and their interactions. The focus goes to socio-technical energy culture that emerges from and disciplinary thinking adopted by the Energy System in Transition project partners and the energy experts producing knowledge and making the decisions about the energy transition. Furthermore, I want to understand how these features are translated into different scenarios of agent behaviour. The mapping of socio-technical energy cultures allows exploring how experts in energy technology consider the community they serve. The thesis unravels the connections between technical solutions and the needs of society and identifies how experts envisage the impact of their work on the North Sea Region. The research method consists of ethnography, interviews, direct observation, and network mapping.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.