Asmussen, Magnus Færing

Magnus Asmussen

Industrial PhD Hydratech Industries Wind Power

PROJECT TITLE: Design of Reliable Fluid Power Pitch System

PhD period: 2018.06.01 – 2021.05.31 (has been prolonged till 2021.11.30).
Section: Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems
Research Programmes: Efficient, Intelligent and Reliable Fluid Power Technology
Supervisor: Henrik Clemmensen Pedersen
Co-Supervisor: Jesper Liniger
Contact Information

Collaborator: Hydratech Industries Wind Power. 
Funding: Innovation Fond Denmark and Hydratech Industries.


Wind turbines are one the most promising renewable energy sources and are becoming a significant part of the energy production. Especially offshore wind turbines have unresolved potential and is beginning to increase significantly in capacity over the resent years. Challenges regarding higher costs compared to onshore wind and other energy sources though still seems to be a restriction to resolve the potential. A significant part of the higher costs is due to higher costs associated with the maintenance and repair of offshore wind turbines. This study addresses these challenges by trying to increase the reliability of fluid power pitch systems, which are responsible of a significant part of the failures in wind turbines. This is attempted by incorporating redundancy, fault detection, diagnostics and the possibility of reconfiguring the system in the early design process and herby designing more reliable systems. In addition, fault detection on specific components and the entire system is developed and potentially implemented in the system design. A new reconfigurable fluid power pitch system is proposed based on the developed methods, where digital hydraulic solutions may come into play. It is assumed that the new proposed system may have a documented reliability significantly above the systems used today. The performance of the developed fault detection schemes and the performance of the new developed system will be experimentally validated.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Hydratech Industries, a supplier of fluid power pitch systems for wind turbines.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.