Machkour, Zakariae

PhD student Zakariae Machkour

PROJECT TITLE: Deep Learning in Robotics and Big Data for Applications in Wind-turbine Inspections

PhD period: 2020.03.01 – 2023.02.28.
Section: Esbjerg Energy Section
Research Programme: Offshore Energy Systems
Supervisor: Daniel Ortiz Arroyo
Co-Supervisor: Petar Durdevic Løhndorf
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Funding: Self-financing.


This research is about the study of new architectures and algorithms for deep learning in computer vision that will be applied in autonomous robotics and big data, specifically in the inspection of Onshore and Offshore wind-turbines. The goal is to determine which degree of autonomy a UAV can achieve relaying only on vision, and how the deep learning techniques that will be developed can be extended to tackle other big data problems.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.