Zhu, Jimin

Zhu, Jimin

PROJECT TITLE: Control and Monitoring of a High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (HT-PEM) Fuel Cell System with Methanol Reforming

PhD period: 2017.11.01 - 2020.10.31. (has been prolonged till 2021.10.31)
Section: Thermofluids
Research Programme: Fuel Cell Systems
Supervisor: Samuel Simon Araya
Co-Supervisor: Søren Knudsen Kær
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Funding: China Scholarship Council (CSC).


Fuel cells are candidates to replace combustion engines for cleaner energy generation. Superior reliability, durability and stability are of essence for their full deployment. Fulfilling these requirements, new materials, better system architectures and novel operating strategies are currently under intensive study in academia.

This work is to develop a control strategy and control system that can monitor the gradual performance decrease and component degradation of a High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (HT-PEM) fuel cell system powered by hydrogen from methanol steam reforming. During its lifetime, there is performance decline of the components in the system, like the fuel cell stack, the steam reformer, etc. To adapt the control system to compensate these declines and dig most performance from an aging system is the purpose of this project. In addition, this study will also include fail-safe studies for safety reasons as well as with the purpose to isolate the components failures and to make a system still operable with failure components. A system design with proper redundancy is an expected result.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.