Yu, Haoyuan

PhD Student Haoyuan Yu

PROJECT TITLE: Advanced Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Framework of Urban Traction Power System Considering Regenerative Braking Application

PhD period: 2020.02.01 – 2023.01.31.
Section: Electric Power Systems
Research Programme: Wind Power Systems
Supervisor: Zhe Chen
Co-Supervisor: Yanbo Wang
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Funding: Self-financing.


Urban metro traffic plays an important role in modern society development. The increasing power demands and traffic density in metro traction power system are promoting attentions on energy consumption reduction and system reliability improvement. With the emerging application of power electronics devices, Regenerative braking modes, such as grid-feedback braking mode and energy storage-based braking mode, are becoming one the most important methods to reduce energy consumption.

However, those braking modes are still significant challenges in urban traction power system. For metro traction power system integrating grid-feedback regenerative braking mode, inverter may return harmonics to AC grid and aggravate power quality of power system. most researches focus on stability of metro traction system without regenerative braking, the existing stability analysis methods fail to perform effective stability assessment due to the complicated dynamic operation process.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop model of metro traction power system with regenerative braking and optimize stability analysis and control framework of metro system to reduce energy consumption and improve system reliability.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.