Bo, Yao

PhD student Yao Bo

PROJECT TITLE: Advanced Condition Monitoring of Film Capacitors for Predictive Maintenance of Power Electronic Converters

PhD period: 2020.11.01 – 2023.10.31.
Section: Power Electronics Systems
Research Programme: Efficient and Reliable Power Electronics
Supervisor: Huai Wang
Co-Supervisor: Haoran Wang
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Funding: China Scholarship Council (CSC)


In high-power applications such as high-speed trains and wind power systems, the film capacitor plays a significant role in energy exchange and filtering in the power electronic converters. Its reliability is critical to the safe and reliable operation of power electronic systems. However, because of the multi-operation condition, complex physical structure, and scarce data collection in existing motor-driven systems, how to research the condition monitoring of high-power film capacitor and the corresponding required maintenance costs are two of the critical concerns in power electronic converters. This project focuses on investigating the condition monitoring of film capacitors for predictive maintenance. It is including offline monitoring based on carry-on equipment and online monitoring based on data-driven methods. Furthermore, the monitoring results are formulated as the remaining useful lifetime based on data processing and reliability prediction of capacitors banks. Finally, the monitoring and prediction results can be verified by application-oriented film capacitor characterization and degradation testing. It contributes to the safe operation of power electronic converters and provides the references for effectively reducing the maintenance cost of the capacitor and the implementation of predictive maintenance.


Publications in journals and conference papers may be found at VBN.