Ongoing PhD Projects


Nejadkhatami, Hamed:
Advanced Controller for Modular DC-DC Converters Interfaced to Electrolyzer in Energy Island (Working title). PhD period: 2022.05.01 - 2025.04.30.

Shalmaei, Amir Hossein Mahdizadeh:
Modeling and Control of an MVDC Converter Based on SiC Switches for Power Collection of Offshore Wind Farms and Energy Islands. PhD period: 2022.05.01 - 2025.04.30.

Diogo Loureiro Martinho:
3D Multi-Physics Modelling of an Alkaline Electrolysis Cell (Working title). PhD period: 2022.04.15 -  2025.04.14.

Mohammad Kiani-Moghaddam:
Optimal Stochastic Operation of Micro Multi-Carrier Energy Hubs. PhD period: 2022.03.15 -  2025.03.14.

Muhammad Usman Tahir:
Reliability-Oriented Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems. PhD period: 2022.02.01 -  2025.01.31.

Mahsa Kashani:
Advanced Process Control Using AI-Enhanced Sensor Fusion and Its Application in Offshore Produced Water Treatment. PhD period: 2022.01.01 -  2024.12.31.

Jakob Lykke Stein:
Halophilic Plant Extracts as Natural Corrosion Inhibitors and Biocides for Oil Field Application. PhD period: 2022.01.01 -  2024.12.31.

Majid Ali:
Microgrid Technologies for Remote and Island Communities under Natural Disasters. PhD period: 2022.01.01 -  2024.12.31.

Yonghao Wang:
Reliable Modeling and Prediction of Self-ignition and Fire Risks of Biomass Storage Piles. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.


Started 2021

Jalal Sehebkar:
Modern Protection and Fault Location Method for Multi Terminal VSC HVDC Transmission Lines. (Working title) PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Xiangchen Zhu:
Stability Analysis and Control of AC / DC Hybrid Power System with High Proportion of Power Electronics. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Wendi Guo:
Development of Highly Accurate Lifetime Prediction Models for Lithium-ion Batteries Using Machine Learning and Physics of Failure. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Haonan Tian:
Research on Vibration Suppression and Life Prediction of Key Components of Offshore Wind Turbines. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Ziheng Wang:
Digital Modeling for Passive Component Thermal Management in Power Electronic Converters. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Xingjun Li:
Battery lifetime estimation and optimization in electric vehicles. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Yunhong Che:
Self-learning Artificial Intelligence Lifetime Time Prediction in Smart Batteries. (Working title) PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Yusheng Zheng:
State of Temperature Estimation in Smart Batteries using Artificial Intelligence. (Working title) PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Zhongchao Sun:
Packaging Reliability of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Based on Digital Design Method and Physics of Failure. PhD period: 2021.12.01 -  2024.11.30.

Ali Azizi:
Integrated Design of Microgrids Considering Reliability and Stability. PhD period: 2021.11.01 -  2024.10.31.

Jorge De La Cruz:
Decentralized Adaptive Protection Schemes in Micro Grid Clusters. PhD period: 2021.11.01 -  2024.10.31.

Mengfan Zhou:
Experimental and Simulation Investigations on Degradation of Catalyst Layers for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. PhD period: 2021.11.01 -  2024.10.31.

Zhihao Lin:
High-bandwidth Modular Impedance Element. PhD period: 2021.11.01 -  2024.10.31.

Jiahong Liu:
Short Circuit Protection and Condition Monitoring of SiC MOSFETs in Power Converters. PhD period: 2021.11.01 -  2024.10.31.

Yichi Zhang:
Physics-informed Data-driven Methods for Reliability Test and Analysis of Semiconductor Switches in Power Converters. PhD period: 2021.11.01 -  2024.10.31.

Eva Mie Lang Spedtsberg:
Sugar to Lipid Conversion and Bio-hydrogen Production from Hydrolyzed Lignocellulosic Residues and Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste. PhD period: 2021.10.01 -  2024.09.30.

Signe Birkebæk Thomasen:
Integration of Large Scale Heat Pumps in the Energy System. PhD period: 2021.10.01 -  2024.09.30.

Masaki Takahashi:
Developing the Novel Reliability Design Method with 3D-simulation of SiC Power Module. PhD period: 2021.10.01 -  2024.09.30.

Aadila Cayenne:
Tailoring the Anaerobic Digestion Process for the Conversion of Halophyte Biomass in an Integrated Biorefinery Concept for Energy and Nutrient Valorization. PhD period: 2021.10.01 -  2024.09.30.

Laura Debel Hansen:
Deep Leaning Model Predictive Control for Reduction of N2O Emissions from WWTPs. PhD period: 2021.09.15 -  2024.09.14.

Pawel Piotr Kubulus:
Digital Twin Based Automated Design for Converters Incorporating Wide-Band Gap Devices. PhD period: 2021.09.01 -  2024.08.31.

Janus Dybdahl Meinert:
Simulation of Electromagnetic Noise in Power Electronics Systems. PhD period: 2021.09.01 -  2024.08.31.

Terkil Bak Jensen:
Prognostic Control and Predictive Maintenance for Variable-speed Electro-Hydraulic Drive Systems. PhD period: 2021.09.01 -  2024.08.31.

Zhixing Yan:
Medium-Voltage DC Solid-State Transformer Enabled by 10 kV SiC MOSFETs with Digital Design. PhD period: 2021.09.01 -  2024.08.31.

Ning Wang:
Advanced Optimized and Control Strategy of DCDC Converter in Renewable DC Microgrid. PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Yuan Qiu:
Modelling, Analysis and Control Strategy of Wind Power Converter Considering Nonlinear Characteristics. (Working title) PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Yuyang Wan:
Advanced Modelling and Optimal Operation Method of AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid with Multi-port Energy Router. PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Wenbo Tian:
Green Hydrogen Integrated for Far Offshore Floating Wind Power Plant. PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Vahid Safavi:
A Digital Twin framework in Microgrids including Renewable Generation and Energy Storage. PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Bhavik Barai:
Studies & Modelling of Agglomerate Structure, Behaviour in Turbulent Flow using CFD. (Working title) PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Shahriar Farajdadian:
Modeling and Control of Multi-Port DC/DC converter for Offshore Wind Farm Application. PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Elias Vagn Hansen:
Adaptive Ultrasound Reflectometry for Tribomechatronic Systems. PhD period: 2021.08.01 -  2024.07.31.

Xinming Yu:
Modeling and Design of Accelerated Reliability Testing for Power Semiconductors. PhD period: 2021.06.01 -  2024.05.31.

Wentao Liu:
MMC Advanced Control with AI-based Grid State of Stability (SOS) Assessment. PhD period: 2021.06.01 -  2024.05.31.

Liu, Shiyi:
Dynamic Model Reduction of Offshore Wind Power Plants. PhD period 2021.06.01 - 2024.05.31.

Kuangpu Liu:
Intelligent Multi-microgrids Energy Management Based on Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning. PhD period: 2021.06.01 -  2024.05.31.

Xing Wei:
Physics-of-degradation and Monitoring for Power Electronic Converters. PhD period: 2021.05.15 -  2024.05.14.

Guoqing Gao:
Coordinated Control and Protection of Wind Turbine Converters and Grid Interface
PhD period: 2021.05.01 -  2024.04.30.

Yichao Zhang:
Optimal Allocation of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Stackable Applications in Distribution Grid. PhD period: 2021.05.01 -  2024.04.30.

Xiangqiang Wu:
Flexible Power Converters for Photovoltaic Integration. PhD period: 2021.05.01 -  2024.04.30.

Shuting Li:
Artificial Intelligence based Adaptive Harmonic Suppression Method for VSG in Offshore Wind Power Plants. PhD period: 2021.04.01 -  2024.03.31.

Bingchen Jiang:
Analysis and Optimization of VSG Stability in Microgrids under Large-Signal Disturbances. PhD period: 2021.04.01 -  2024.03.31.

Hussein Abubakr Hussein Ali:
Large-Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Power Plants and Flexible Demand in the Egyptian Electric Grid. PhD period: 2021.04.01 -  2024.03.31.

Yuan Gao:
Design of Robust and Compact 15kV SiC MOSFET Power Modules. PhD period: 2021.04.01 -  2024.03.31.

Andreas Krogh:
Implementation of Hydrothermal Liquefaction for Renewable Fuel Production: Process Modelling and System and Sectoral Integration Assessment. PhD period: 2021.03.01 -  2024.02.29.

Wei Liu:
A Modelling and Experimental Study of Water Transport in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. PhD period: 2021.03.01 -  2024.02.29.

Yuan Li:
Dynamic Stabilization of DC Microgrids Based on Model Predictive Control of Point-of-Load Converters. PhD period: 2021.03.01 -  2024.02.29.

Bin Zhang:
Deep Reinforcement Learning based Smart Energy Management Strategy for an Integrated Energy System with Wind Energy. PhD period: 2021.03.01 -  2024.02.29.

Zhaoda Zhong:
Thermal Integration and Cooling Strategies for Automotive Fuel Cell Systems. PhD period: 2021.03.01 -  2024.02.29.

Jia Guo:
Identification of Aging Mechanisms for State of-Health Estimation in Electric Vehicle-based Lithium-ion Batteries
PhD period: 2021.03.01 -  2024.02.29.

Hanwen Zhang:
Multi-port Converter for Future DC Grid System. PhD period: 2021.02.15 -  2024.02.14.

Jingxuan Wu:
FPGA-based Protection System for Renewable Energy Sources Integrated Microgrids. PhD period: 2021.02.15 -  2024.02.14.

Rasmus Aagaard Hertz:
A Novel Adaptive Injection Moulding Concept for Production of High Quality Plastic Parts from Materials with varying Rheological Properties. PhD period: 2021.02.01 -  2024.01.31.

Thomas Farsakoglou:
Energy Efficient Offshore Hydraulic Systems with Focus on Rotary Actuation. PhD period: 2021.02.01 -  2024.01.31.

Xian Gao:
Voltage and Frequency Issues of Distributed Grids with Highly-Penetrated Photovoltaic Systems. PhD period: 2021.02.01 -  2024.01.31.

Zhebie Lu
Failure Mechanism Analysis and Reliability Improvement for Cascode GaN Devices. PhD period: 2021.02.01 -  2024.01.31.


started 2020

Binti Abu Bakar, Nur Najihah:
Energy Efficiency Optimization at Seaport by Integrating Microgrid Control Strategies. PhD period: 2020.12.07 - 2023.12.06

Niaki, Seyed Hassan Ashrafi: 
Protection Coordination for Multi-Terminal HB-MMC based HVDC Grids. PhD period: 2020.11.15 – 2023.11.14.

Gismero Galiatsatos, Alejandro:
Battery State Estimation Methods for Electric Vehicles under Real Temperature Conditions. PhD period: 2020.11.15 – 2021.11.14 (has been prolonged till 2022.10.14).

Wang, Zhaoxin:
Study of Insulation of High-voltage High-frequency Transformers in Modern Power Electronics Based on Electro-thermal Analysis. PhD period: 2020.11.01 - 2023.10.31

Bo, Yao:
Advanced Condition Monitoring of Film Capacitors for Predictive Maintenance of Power Electronic Converters. PhD period: 2020.11.01 - 2023.10.31

Yang, Zhe:
Coordination Between Protection and Control System for Renewable Energy Sources. PhD period: 2020.11.01 - 2023.10.31

Li, Zejie:
Modeling and Control of Scalable Versatile Grid Emulation System. PhD period: 2020.10.15 - 2023.10.14

Wang, Rui:
Medium-voltage Three-level Converter Using Series Connected 10kV/15kV SiC MOSFET. PhD period: 2020.10.01 - 2023.09.30

Sandelic, Monika:
Reliability-Oriented Design of a Microgrid System. PhD period: 2020.10.01 - 2023.09.30

Wang, Hongyi:
Modeling, Analysis and Control for Large Scale Renewable Energy Sources. PhD period: 2020.10.01 - 2023.09.30

Zhao, Liang:
Stability and Control of Multi-paralleled Single-phase Traction Converters. PhD period: 2020.10.01 - 2023.09.30

Dimitropoulos, Dimitrios:
Stability Analysis of Wind Turbines under Small and Large Disturbances. PhD period: 2020.10.01 - 2023.09.30

Liao, Wenlong:
Modeling and Optimization of Active Distribution Network Operation Based on Deep Learning. PhD period: 2020.10.01 - 2023.09.30

Huizhong Sun:
Digital Twin and Multi-objective Design of PV lnverters. PhD period: 2020.10.01 -  2022.09.30.

Miao, Yizhi:
Data-based Wind Farm Modeling and Control. PhD period: 2020.09.04 -  2023.09.03.

Jannick Kjær Jørgensen:
SiC Medium Voltage Power Module Simulation, Design, and Manufacture. PhD period: 2020.09.01 -  2021.08.31.

Qinghan Wang: 
Research on Optimal Control Strategy Based on MAS and Stability Evaluation of Integrated Energy System. PhD period: 2020.09.01 -  2023.08.31.

Bjarne Søndergaard Bukh:
Methods for Harmonic Analysis in Meshed transmission Systems. PhD period: 2020.09.01 – 2023.08.31.

Jin, Siyu:
Smart Battery Management Systems for Improved Lifetime with Extended Useful Capacity. PhD period: 2020.08.01 – 2023.07.31.

Jespersen, Stefan:
Optimal Control of De-Oiling Hydrocyclones Based On Online Oil-in-Water Sensor Fusion. PhD period: 2020.08.01 – 2023.07.31.

Hulkko, Laura Sini Sofia
Extraction of Value-added Compounds from Green Fractionated Halophyte Biomass. PhD period: 2020.07.15 – 2023.07.14.

Fredsgaard, Malthe:
Optimized Extraction, Purification and Stabilization of Hydroxycinnamic Acids from Halophytes. PhD period: 2020.07.15 – 2023.07.14.

Yubo Song:
Stability and Reliability Validation of a Microgrid System. PhD period: 2020.06.01 - 2023.05.31

Swanand Bhatwadekar:
Watervalue. PhD period: 2020.05.01 – 2023.04.30.

Huang Liang:
Stability and Control of Wind Generation System Connected to Weak Grid. PhD period: 2020.05.01 – 2023.04.30.

Wu, Jiahui:
Reconfigurable and Compact DC/DC Converter for Future Energy System. PhD period: 2020.04.01 – 2023.03.31.

Jaime Azuara, Antonio:
Hydrothermal Processing of Solid Plastic Waste: A Chemical Recycling Technology to Promote Circular Economy for Plastics. PhD period 2020.04.01 - 2023.03.31.

Catalán Lago, Pedro:
Advanced Analysis and Control Method of High-Power Wind Turbine in Offshore Wind Farm. PhD period 2020.03.15 - 2023.02.14.

Yu, Yun:
Microgrid Technologies for Future Offshore Wind Power Plants. PhD period 2020.03.01 - 2023.02.28.

Machkour, Zakariae:
Deep Learning in Robotics and Big Data for Applications in Wind-turbine Inspections. PhD period 2020.03.01 - 2023.02.28.

Saha, Diptish:
Planning, Control, and Energy Management of Space Multi-Microgrid Clusters for Space Lunar Bases. PhD period 2020.02.01 - 31.01.2023.

Yu, Haoyuan:
Advanced Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Framework of Urban Traction Power System Considering Regenerative Braking Application. PhD period 2020.02.01 - 2023.01.31.

Ibrahim, Tarek:
Integrated PV Solar Panel with Graphene Supercapacitors. PhD period 2020.02.01 - 2023.01.31.  

Lasemi, Mohammad Ali:
Intelligent Scheme of Integrated Energy Management for Future Smart Energy System. PhD period 2020.02.01 - 2023.01.31.  

Bilde, Kasper Gram:
Separation of Particulate Matter from Marine Scrubber Washwater using a High-Speed Separator. PhD period 2020.01.01 - 2022.12.31.  

Pagnani, Daniela:
Wind Farm Black Start Service Integration to Assure Resiliency in 100% Renewable Future Power Systems. PhD period 2020.01.01 - 2022.12.31.  


Song, Chaochao:
Efficient and Reliable Dual Active Bridge Converters for Photovoltaic Systems. PhD period 2019.12.01 - 2022.11.30. 

Basati, Amir:
Resilience Analysis of DC Microgrid under Extreme Events. PhD period 2019.11.01 - 2022.10.31. 

Davoodi, Amirali:
System-Level Reliability Modelling and Evaluation in Power Electronic Based Generation Systems. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31. 

Zheng, Changjiang:
Insulation Evaluation and Design in Power Electronic Components and Systems. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31. 

Gontijo, Gustavo Figueiredo:
Medium Voltage AC-AC Modular Multilevel Converter Solution Applied to Pumped Hydro Storage Systems and Wind Turbines. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31. 

Yin, Kai:
Filling Material Investigation of Composite Cross-arms and Grounding Design of a Composite Transmission Tower for 400 kV Overhead Lines. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31 (has been prolonged till 2023.02.28). 

Sadetmahaleh, Komeil Kohansal:
Hydrothermal Liquefaction of low Value Urban Feedstockes. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31 (has been prolonged till 2023.02.28). 

Zhang, Hanchi:
Transient Lightning Impulse Performance Analysis of a Fully Composite Pylon with an External-grounding Down-lead. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31 (has been prolonged till 2023.02.28).

Fogsgaard, Martin Bendix:
Multi-Time Scale Modelling of Power Electronic Converters in Power System Applications. PhD period 2019.09.01 - 2022.08.31. 

Javidsharifi, Mahshid:
Photovoltaic Energy Supply for future Energy Neutral Base Stations. PhD period 2019.07.01 - 2022.06.30 (has been prolonged till 2023.01.02). 

Hansen, Nick Høy:
Numerical Study of Black Carbon Particles and their Removal from Ship Exhaust Gas with a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator. PhD period 2019.07.01 - 2022.06.30 (has been prolonged till 2022.12.31). 

Gholami-Khesht, Hosein:
Probabilistic Assessment and Robustness Analysis of Power Electronic Sub-System for Grid Applications. PhD period 2019.06.01 - 2022.05.31 (has been prolonged till 2022.12.31). 

Loghmani Moghaddam Toussi, Afshin:
Condition Monitoring & Remaining Useful Life Estimation for Power Electronic Components. PhD period 2019.06.01 - 2022.05.31 (has been prolonged till 2022.11.30). 

Wang, Xinshuo:
Dynamic Interoperability of Grid-Forming Power Converters in Transmission Grids. PhD period 2019.05.01 - 2022.04.30 (has been prolonged till 2022.10.31). 

Yaqoob, Mohammad:
Control, Management and Operation of Nanosatellite Microgrids. PhD period 2019.03.01 - 2022.02.28 (has been prolonged till 2023.02.28).

Yuan, Wenbin:
Advanced Stability Analysis and Control Framework of Inverter-fed Power System for Stability and Reliability Improvement. PhD period 2019.03.01 - 2022.02.28 (has been prolonged till 2023.02.28).

Xu, Luona:
Control Strategies of Power Electronic Converters for MVDC Shipboard Microgrids. PhD period 2019.02.15 - 2022.02.14 (has been prolonged till 2023.02.14).

Ghomi, Mohammad:
Measurement of the Transient Impedance of the Grounding System (Vertical Electrode) Buried in the Multi-Layer Stratified Soil Using Small-Scale Setup. PhD period 2019.01.01 - 2021.12.31 (has been prolonged till 2022.12.31).



Nujukambari, Ali Yahyaee:
Thermal Management of Power Electronics - with Focus on Forced Convection and Two Phase Cooling Applications. PhD period 2018.12.15 - 2021.12.14 (has been prolonged till 2022.06.14).

Xie, Peilin:
Power Management Systems for Shipboard ZED-based Multi-Microgrid Clusters. PhD period 2018.12.15 - 2021.12.14 (has been prolonged till 2022.12.14).

Tan, Sen:
Cyber Security based Distributed Control for DC Microgrids and Multiple Microgrids Clusters. PhD period 2018.12.15 - 2021.12.14 (has been prolonged till 2022.06.14).

Zhang, Zhengfa:
Coordinated Control Strategy of Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Networks. PhD period 2018.11.01 - 2021.10.31 (has been prolonged till 2022.10.31).

Wu, Xuewei:
Optimal Operation of Integrated Energy System under Market Competition. PhD period 2018.10.15 - 2021.10.14 (has been prolonged till 2022.10.14)..

Zhang, Qi:
DCCB Operation and Protective Restoration Strategy in Hybrid HV AC\DC Grids. PhD period 2018.10.15 - 2021.10.14 (has been prolonged till 2022.10.14).

Kjær, Martin:
Lifetime Modeling of Key Components in Power Electronics based Power Systems. PhD period 2018.09.01 - 2022.08.31  (has been prolonged till 2022.12.31).

Nielsen, Thomas:
Technological Choice for Sustainable District Heating in Denmark: Structure, Agency and Exergy Outcomes in a Contemporary Malthusian System. PhD period 2018.04.01 - 2022.03.31 (has been prolonged till 2022.09.30).

Aunsborg, Thore:
Solid State Generator for Float Zone Process. PhD period 2018.01.01 - 2020.12.31 (has been prolonged till 2021.03.31).



Baus, Ivan:
Methodology Evolution of Lifetime Calculation for Axial Piston units based on Comprehensive Load Cycle Determination. PhD period 2017.07.01 - 2020.06.30. (has been prolonged till 2021.06.30)