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Prizes awarded by the Energy Sponsor Programme at graduation 2018

On June 28th the annual Graduation Ceremony was held for the department’s master students graduating from the following five specializations:

  • Power Electronics and Drives  
  • Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
  • Wind Power Systems
  • Mechatronic Control Engineering
  • Thermal Energy and Process Engineering

The ceremony started with a welcome by Chair, Study Board of Energy Birgitte Bak-Jensen followed by a guest speech by Chief Project Manager Søren Damsgaard Mikkelsen from Energinet. After this the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes from the Energy Sponsor Programme were handed out to the project groups demonstrating marvellous academic skills, extraordinary engagement and solid work throughout their work with the master thesis. The prizes were handed out by Søren D. Mikkelsen as his company Energinet is a member of the Energy Sponsor Programme. Entertainment followed by the trio “Tripple" after which diplomas were handed out by Birgitte Bak-Jensen. The ceremony ended with a nice reception in the coffee room.  

The prizes went to:

3rd prize of DKK 3.000

Branko Majmunovic  
MSc in Power Electronics and Drives


“Development of new control methods, conduction of detailed experimental verifications, quality of project far about standard, outstanding presentation skills. Beneficial results for the industry and paper currently being finalized ...”

3RD PRIZE: Branko Majmunovic

2nd prize of DKK 5.000

Monika Sandelic
MSc in Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering

Quote from the evaluation committee

“Demonstration of professional and competence skills and critical thinking, independent analysis of new scientific problems, two papers full papers accepted to be presented at conferences, and one abstract accepted for another conference, to which also the full paper now are handed ...”

2ND PRIZE: Monika Sandelic

1st prize of DKK 10.000

Martin Trolle Arentsen
MSc in Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering

Quote from the evaluation committee

“Non traditional project, multidisciplinary with high knowledge about high voltage engineering, experimental verified, very innovative and done in cooperation with a company which has directly applied the results in their development of a new test lab ...”

1ST PRIZE: Martin Trolle Arentsen