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New education for students with engineer dreams and sustainable ambitions

New education for students with engineer dreams and sustainable ambitions

The development of sustainable solutions to the major challenges in our society calls for collaboration across professional boundaries. In the future, there is a need for engineers who have strong specialist skills and a broad view towards other disciplines. From September, Aalborg University (AAU) offers a new engineering program that will educate graduates who have just that combination.

Bachelor in ‘Ingeniørvidenskab’ (General Engineering) is the formal title of AAU's new degree program, which will be offered for the first time in September. Behind the title hides an education that gives future students broad insight into the many corners of engineering and not least specialist competencies within their own main area. Precisely the combination of the broad and deep knowledge is valuable when it comes to finding sustainable solutions to society's great challenges.

The new education does not come out of the blue. Firstly, it stems from the industry's demand for graduates who have a strong specialised profile and who at the same time have a strong interdisciplinary view and insight into various engineering disciplines. Secondly, the education stems from future students' ambitions to be able to contribute with valuable solutions to a more sustainable society. Therefore, all semester projects during the study will be rooted in a societal relevance, currently the UN's world goal.

- The new education is for the ambitious student who have a clear interest in engineering and who is ready to pitch extra into the study. It is not the intention that the broad insight into general engineering should go beyond the deep specialist knowledge within one's own subject area. Therefore, future students must prepare to go an extra mile during this education, says Olav Geil, who is vice dean for education at the Faculty of Engineering and Science at AAU.

He emphasises that the new education in ‘Ingeniørvidenskab’ (General Engineering) is not intended as a generalist education, but that the student must put an extra effort into the study compared to classical engineering educations.


In addition to the education in ‘Ingeniørvidenskab’ giving the students a broad background within engineering and an insight into working across professional boundaries, the academic breadth of the education also gives the students the opportunity to get a sniff at different disciplines before the individual must choose specialisation after the first four semesters.

- For some young people, it can be difficult and seem enormously definitive to choose whether it is sustainable construction, energy technology, the protection of clean water or design technology that catches the final interest, even before they have opened the door to the university laboratories. The new education must remedy this, says Mads Pagh Nielsen, who is vice head of department and head of studies at the Department of Energy Technology. He is also the facilitator for the new education.


There is a great need for engineers on the job market in the future. A study from Epinion shows that in both 2025 and 2030, Denmark will lack up to 5,000 engineers at bachelor's and master's level. Therefore, the prospects for future graduates from the new engineering program are good. This is something that Søren Hageman Christensen, regional director of the consulting engineering company NIRAS, recognises.

- At NIRAS, we are constantly in demand for more engineers. As a global company, NIRAS contributes with a wide range of sustainable and interdisciplinary solutions to the current challenges of society. To solve tomorrow's tasks, we are experiencing a growing need for employees who, in addition to specific professional insight, also have an understanding of overall solutions across disciplines. Optimal sustainability is often found as a balanced solution between several technical, social and economic areas of interest - silos, if you will. That is why it is so important that our future employees have an eye for each other's professionalism and have the abilities to bring each other into play. I believe that the education in ‘Ingeniørvidenskab’ at AAU can help to support this, says Søren Hageman Christensen.

The deadline for applying for the bachelor's program in ‘Ingeniørvidenskab’ is July 5th 2021.

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Olav Geil
Vice dean for education, Faculty of Engineering and Science at AAU, Aalborg University
Phone: 3012 5865

Mads Pagh Nielsen
Vice head of department and head of studies, Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University
Phone: 2425 509

Søren Hageman Christensen
Regional director at NIRAS
Phone: 2141 8305