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The Department of Energy Technology in Esbjerg has been granted by Energy Cluster Denmark for a new research project called “CREW”.

The granted amount will be used for examining whether service vessels for the energy sector can be made emissions-free or not. In other words: Can a service vessel work on batteries and hydrogen fuel cells in the North Sea? Can we replace diesel fuel with the stored energy that is produced by wind turbines? The department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University and a group industrial partners including Siemens Energy, Ballard Power Europe, CS Electrics, MARLOG and Energy Cluster Denmark are investigating these and other questions together with the Esbjerg shipping company ESVAGT within the research bridge project “CREW”.


In short, the project is going to clarify whether ESVAGT's specially built Service Operation Vessel (SOV) can continue its service using renewable energy and the ambition of the CREW project is to uncover how far battery and fuel cell technology are from being used in the everyday life in which the SOVs work.

One of the main tasks for the Department of Energy Technology is to provide a report for feasibility analysis of the hybrid battery and fuel cell powered vessel. This includes a conclusion on the economy, maturity and technical challenges.

- We are very pleased with the grant and look very much forward to processing the suitability of this technology for being applied in full-scale real-life offshore operation, says Associate Professor Mohsen Soltani.


Associate Professor Mohsen Soltani, e-mail:, mobile.: +45 2184 7943.