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Graduation with Prizes from the Energy Sponsor Programme

In late June, the department held the yearly Graduation Ceremony for Masters graduating from Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering, Mechatronic Control Engineering, Power Electronics and Drives, Thermal Energy and Process Engineering and Wind Power Systems.

Michael Thermansen, Senior Director, R&D Design Center, Danfoss Power Electronics A/S held a speech for the graduates and the vocal group Sotto Voce entertained before the students received their diplomas. Afterwards the Energy Sponsor Programme at the department handed out 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes to the project groups demonstrating marvellous academic skill, extraordinary engagement and solid work throughout their work with the master thesis. 

The 3rd prize of  DKK 10,000 went to Tobias Leth & Christian Nørgård, M.Sc. in Mechatronic Control Engineering and the 2nd prize of DKK 15,000 went to Iulia Maria Daraban, M.Sc.’s in Thermal Energy and Process Engineering. The 1st prize of DKK 25,000 went to Anna Lyhne Jensen & Jakob Hærvig, M.Sc.’s in Thermal Energy and Process Engineering with the argument:
“Based on a unique approach, which combines experimental work with numeric and analytical analysis methods, Anna and Jakob have made a diploma work at the highest level and it is impossible not to be impressed. The dissertation itself has not only been made at an extremely high academic level but it has also been written in a fluently and varying English, which sets new standards for diploma works in the department. As a colleague said after having read the dissertation: ”It really is first-grade quality. Sincere congratulations!” Below there is a photo of the 1st prize winners.

After the ceremony a reception with light refreshments was held in the canteen. 
Winners of the 1st prize: Anna Lyhne Jensen & Jakob Hærvig