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Funding for Student Equipment

Funding for Student Equipment

The Department of Energy Technology has been awarded 30.000 DKK from the Siemens Foundation for purchase of equipment for use in master student projects.

The awarded amount will be used on buying an Electric Motor Control Kit. The Electric Motor Control Kit will provide a more robust and reliable platform, where the students can implement their own developed algorithms and strategies. The platform can be used in many different types of projects within two master specializations at the department. 


Electrification of the transportation sector is a megatrend that has only just begun. At the department this trend is supported by educating [ES1] engineers with knowledge of electric drive systems. An electric drive system consists of a power converter and an electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy or vice versa. Such systems exist e.g. in electric cars, wind turbines, pumps, compressors, etc. However, drive systems in electric vehicles require that the energy can flow both ways, as the advantage of electric vehicles is precisely that the kinetic energy can be collected in e.g. a battery pack by deceleration.

The existing laboratory setups at the department's disposal do not immediately allow for the connection of a supply system suitable for electric vehicles. A supply system for electric vehicles can e.g. consist of a battery pack, supercapacitor, fuel cell, a generator, or a combination of all these devices.  

- We look very much forward to taking the equipment in use as it provides a unique opportunity to explore the interaction between the battery, electric motor, and power converter in for example an electric vehicle, says Associate Professor Erik Schaltz.


Associate Professor Erik Schaltz, email:, mobile.: +45 3062 2908.