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From AAU Energy to the medico industry

From AAU Energy to the medico industry

A bachelor’s and master’s degree from AAU Energy often lead to a job in the energy sector. However, for Emil Breum Eriksen the search for a job near his family and friends on Zealand led him to an exciting position as a Test and Automation Engineer at Norlase, a company that develops laser solutions for treatment of eye diseases.

What is your educational background from AAU Energy?

I first did a bachelor’s degree in Energy, and after choosing the specialization in mechatronics for the 5th and 6th semester, a master’s degree in Mechatronic Control Engineering was the obvious choice. I finished my master’s thesis and graduated a year ago, in June 2021.

What is your profession now?

I work at Norlase, which is an innovative company developing laser systems for treatment of retinal disorders and glaucoma. Ophthalmologists use our products on patients with diabetes who are at increased risk of developing the diseases and who worst-case scenario could lose their eyesight if the conditions are untreated. My job is to automate parts of the production of the laser systems to increase and make the production more efficient. I am currently working on integrating a diode collimation robot into our production, and at the same time working on automating the calibration of our laser systems. The field of medical engineering and technology requires a lot of documentation and control, and compliance of regulations is very important, so ensuring this is also a big part of the job.

How did you find your job and was it challenging?

I moved from Roskilde to Aalborg to study, so I wanted to return to my family and friends at home. I applied for the job through LinkedIn, and they invited me to an interview where we mostly talked about my personality and approach to different tasks.I did not find it very challenging to find a job. If you are open to different possibilities and willing to expand your search to other fields, there are plenty of job opportunities.

Which skills and what knowledge from AAU do you use in your job today?

I especially use skills and competences gained from the project work at AAU when I coordinate and cooperate across the entire company with many different people in different positions. When I work on approving and validating the products, I also use my experience from writing projects and theses. I of course also use my technical knowledge from the five years of studying, for instance when working in LabVIEW.

What is it like to have a job a little different from other students graduating from AAU Energy?

I really like it, and I’m happy that my education in Energy provides a lot of different opportunities in different fields, including the medicotechnical and not just the energy sector. The education paves the way for working with all companies with an interest in energy, whether it regards renewable energy or working with robots.

What are your dreams for the future?

I enjoy being here at Norlase, and the company is developing and expanding a lot since we finally have the chance to go out and sell our products after COVID. My dreams are to stay here and explore how I can help the company optimize the production and reach even more people in need of eye disease treatments. 


Emil Breum Eriksen