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Exhibition in the Danish Museum of Energy with help from AAU Energy

AAU Energy’s Mads Pagh Nielsen has assisted the Danish Museum of Energy creating an exhibition explaining Power-to-X technologies (PtX). The university has an important role disseminating knowledge to society about the complex future energy systems.

The Danish Museum of Energy aims to preserve and present Danish history and heritage in the field of energy and also explain the energy technologies of the future to the public. The museum has a competent team making exhibitions aiming to explain the complicated technologies in an accessible way. Interactive and exciting setups give children and adults first-hand impressions and understanding of the technologies.

AAU Energy’s Vice Head of Department and Head of the Electro-Fuel Research Group, Mads Pagh Nielsen, has advised and helped realizing the exhibition on PtX. The work and the exhibition has been supported by Nordlys and Siemens Gamesa. The exhibition includes a video of Mads explaining the basic concepts of PtX, concrete examples on the technology and its use as well as a miniature model illustrating the conversion path from wind turbines into hydrogen and fuels to be used in different modes of transportation, i.e. cars, ships and airplanes.

The renewable energy transition poses new challenges regarding balancing production and demand while obtaining security of supply. As Mads puts it: “The complexity in the future sustainable energy supply is high and we have many challenges and choices to resolve over the next decades. As scientists, we have a responsibility contributing to education of society and create curiosity among children being engineers of the future. It has been a pleasure taking part in developing this exhibition with the creative people at the Danish Museum of Energy helping them with technical facts”.