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CLEAN-Power: New Grant within Power Electronics from Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)

AAU Energy has been granted by Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) for a new research project called “CLEAN-Power: Compatibility and Low electromagnetic Emission Advancements for Next generation Power electronic systems”

The main aim of this project is to develop theory and scientific methodologies for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of power electronic systems to enable 100% green energy generation and consumption.

-We are very excited with the grant and look forward to be able to find out new theories to fundamentally redefine power electronic systems modeling, control and design to enable new advancement in compatibility and low electromagnetic emission. Special thanks to DFF for selecting and supporting the project and also the project partners, Prof. Eckart Hoene (Fraunhofer IZM), Dr. Jan Meyer (Technical University of Dresden), EMC Specialist Per Thåstrup Jensen (Force Technology) and Dr. Christian Wolf (Grundfos A/S), says Associate Prof. Pooya Davari.


CLEAN-Power: Compatibility and Low electromagnetic Emission Advancements for Next generation Power electronic systems

Scientific summary:

To ensure smooth transition to green technologies, electromagnetic compatibility of power electronic systems must be met. Electromagnetic interferences of power electronic systems can cause the power grid to operate in an unpredictable and undesirable fashion. High penetration of power electronic systems has resulted in multiple disturbances on power grid due to their high incompatibility. Its severity will increase with employing new semiconductor materials for highly efficient next generation power electronic systems, preventing from their deployment and reaching green transition goals.

CLEAN-Power will be a leap forward for Danish science from three aspects. 1- Development of multi-physics mathematical models of new semiconductor materials to estimate their incompatibility. 2-Foundation of unique power electronics compatibility optimization approach utilizing time-frequency analysis. 3-Intelligent control for self-adapting power electronics to maintain future power grid integrity.

Fund: Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)

Budget:  Total 6.669.213 DKK

Project Duration: 01-07-2022 to 30-06-2025

Mission: Energy Efficiency, Digital Transformation and AI for Smart and Resilient Energy Systems

Research Group: EMI/EMC in Power Electronics


Associate Professor Pooya Davari, e-mail: